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You Cannot Ignore These Rules To Keep Your Tyres Healthy

Your tyres are vital for your car. They carry the weight of the vehicle and ensure proper stability during your journey. Therefore, proper maintenance of car tyres should be your prime concern.

Unfortunately, car drivers usually overlook proper maintenance of their tyres. This approach is wrong. Proper maintenance of your Goodyear Tyres Walsall will provide the following advantages:

  • Improved performance of tyres
  • You will rarely need repair work
  • Enhanced lifespan
  • Optimum load carrying capacity
  • Improved road safety
  • Reduced purchasing and maintenance cost

We are sure you cannot ignore those benefits of well-maintained tyres.

If you have insufficient knowledge about the proper maintenance of tyres, this blog will enhance your information about tyres and their maintenance.

Have a look at common tips!

Maintain Correct Air Pressure In Tyres

This is the most important tip you may have for keeping your tyres in good condition. If you are looking for a superior level of performance, keep your tyres properly inflated. Moreover, optimum road safety and fuel economy also depend on correct air pressure in tyres.

Always make sure that you check the air pressure in your tyres every month. Check it also when you are about to start a long or short journey.

Do Not Run Your Vehicle On A Punctured Tyre:

When you are sure one of your tyres is punctured, you have to stop your vehicle immediately to prevent further damage. experts always recommend a correct air pressure level for driving. Thus, driving on a flat tyre will cause more damage to the internal structure of your tyre.

However, you can drive for a limited distance if you have installed run-flat tyres in your vehicle.

Inspect Your Tyres Regularly:

Inspect your tyres for signs of damage like bulges, cracks and cuts. These signs show that your tyres are ageing or they are severely damaged. Cracked tyres are usually near their retirement because cracks show that the rubber material of tyres is affected by the factors like sunlight or UV rays. Bulges on tyres take place while your car hits a pothole or sharp object.

Do not ignore these signs and see a professional as soon as possible to make sure your tyres are no longer ready to run on roads.

Ensure Proper Tread Depth:

To ensure proper maintenance, you have to look at the tread depth regularly, tyres would not be able to serve your needs after the tread depth reach 1.6mm. In this condition, tyres are called bald, which is extremely dangerous for driving.

You can measure the tread depth with the help of a tread depth gauge or you simply use a coin to perform the same task. Nowadays, tyre manufacturers make tyres with tread wear indicators that are visible when your tyres are near retirement.

Do Not Mix Tyres With Different Brands Or Features

Always buy a full set of tyres from the same brand. Tyres from the same brand are expected to have similar features. The same features in tyres are essential to ensure smooth driving and road safety.

Always Buy Correct Tyres:

If you are going to buy a new set of tyres, you have to follow the guidelines given in the user manual. These specifications are vital to ensure safety and proper performance. Your new tyres are going to wear out quickly if you ignore the specification given in the user manual.

Respect The Speed And Loading Limit:

Do not go beyond the speed limit while you drive your vehicle. Excessive speed will damage your tyres and promote tread wear. Similarly, carrying more load than the loading capacity is going to damage your tyres quickly as well.

Drive According To Road Condition And Weather:

You should drive your car according to the road surface. If you are driving in harsh road conditions, drive slowly and avoid objects like nails, kerbs and potholes. It is a good idea if you buy proper seasonal tyres to face the challenges of weather during your journey. Terrain Tyres Shenstoneis also available to make things easier in unfavourable road conditions.

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