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Why don’t you use a render farm?

Beautiful scenery in computer games and 3D animation films, special effects in movies, and creative advertisements are often created with the help of rendering technology. In rendering, a flat image of a picture is created from a model developed in 3D. In other words, producing an image by calculating the lighting, creating shadows, reflections, and refractions of light, and conveying glare to objects, which makes them more realistic. The rendering process is not a simple task.

Who is interested in render farms?

The main customers of render-farm services are design studios, which need to get a naturalistic image of the object under construction. While the building exists only as a blueprint, and in its place is the excavation, where construction work has just begun, the client can already imagine the future environment with photorealistic sketches. The designer can easily fit the building in the surrounding landscape, draw people, cars moving on the street next to him, as well as set certain weather conditions.

In addition, the rendering process is indispensable for creating a virtual tour of the future or existing building. Staying at home, at your own computer, you can easily walk around, for example, the shopping center, located at the other end of town.

Also, fast and high-quality visualization is important for companies involved in creating videos. Colorful presentation or memorable commercials, a vivid three-dimensional image for outdoor advertising, or booklets – any of these products can be made with the help of rapid rendering technology.

What can you save with rendering services?

The cost of renting the render farm is quite low, while the power of the farm allows you to render not only single files, but also long videos.

Moreover, renting a render-farm allows you to reduce the cost of production to create and maintain its own render-farm in full order. After all, in order to build your own render-farm, you need to rent space, buy a large amount of server equipment, provide cooling, as well as constantly maintain it in working order. At a constant load of render-farm, obviously, that its purchase and maintenance will be unprofitable. While renting a render-farm always allows you to get rid of unnecessary costs in a recession.

Render-farm is an ideal option for small studios and users who need to create a large number of volumetric images or videos in a short time.

Why yun-rendering.com?

You can run numerous projects, adjust all parameters, and observe rendering in real time with Yun Rendering, one of the best render farms. Unlike other similar services, Yun Rendering does not charge for server amounts, nor sets priorities.

Using this service does not require any special software or hardware modifications. Just create an account on the website, where you can manage all of your rendering projects. Technical support is available 24/7 and is standing by to assist you.

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