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Why Aren’t There More Online Custom Laptop Builders?

For many of us, portability and ease of use are extremely high in our priority scale. The old “desktop vs laptop” debate does not cause us to reconsider our preferences in the least, no matter who comes out on top.

We love taking our work or gaming laptop with us everywhere we go and not having to worry about cable management or space, and are not about to give up that freedom any time soon.

The advantages of having a power guzzler desktop just to get more FPS while playing your favorite games in 4k are certainly attractive. However, today´s gaming laptops can get very close to what high-end PCs can offer without sacrificing half your room with peripherals and a bulky case.

Now, there is one issue that PC master race minions always bring up when going over the advantages of their desktop towers: customization.

Most laptops you find out there in the wild are pre-built models with very narrow customization options. You know the drill; you go to a store, pick the laptop that comes closest to what you need, and then add a couple of components such as an extra hard drive and some RAM sticks. That’s it.

Having a completely customized laptop is almost impossible.

But why is that?

Well. It has a lot to do with the problems engineers had to solve when trying to fit all the components necessary for a computer to function inside a restrictive environment. Space restrictions do not give engineers the freedom to leave room for a bigger heatsink for your processor if you need one. Even changing the shape of your graphic cards would require a chassis redesign. It means that, when you commit to a laptop, you better like it because you´re pretty much stuck with it.

This is not too different from desktops, to be honest. After all, desktop users can brag all they want about their endless customization potential. But most never crack open their case again for the next three years, or until it is time to clean it up for listing it on eBay.

Now, there are ways to customize laptops. Things like CPUs, GPUs, RAM sticks, and hard drives tend to come in standard sizes. So, why aren’t there more online custom laptop builders? Why do desktop users get all the love?

I have visited many of these laptop stores and their customization options are really lacking. Don´t get me wrong, the laptops they offer are often worth the price right out of the box, but their customization section only allows you to expand the memory and storage. Nothing else.

There is only one store that offers a lot of flexibility in their custom laptop builder. CLX gaming has a very nifty customization system that allows you to choose an already solid build, and then gradually take it to the next level with ease. It even shows you some benchmarking information so you know what you´re getting into before committing. So you can get more powerful processors and graphic cards without having to change models, and they even offer an overclocking service to give your laptop that extra oomph for those who live for the FPS. I wholeheartedly recommend CLX Gaming for those who are looking for a high-performance custom gaming laptop.

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