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Which common metals are used for Forging?

Metal parts, both simple and complicated, can be found in a variety of industries all over the world. Numerous metal goods are made utilising a metal forging technique that makes the materials robust and durable enough for the purpose at hand. Carbon, alloy steels, aluminium, stainless steel, and copper alloys are common metals used in the forging process.

Though technically, any metals can be forged, which metals can be forged depends primarily on the service you pick and their production capability. Some manufacturers will specialise their techniques to deal with specific metals, such as aluminium, steel, or titanium, as a result of these variations.

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Commonly used Metals:

1.  Alloy steel:

Alloy steel is a broad word that refers to a number of steels that have had their qualities adjusted or enhanced by adding extra metals like silicon, manganese, or nickel to the steel. Specific properties, like corrosion resistance, malleability, or thermal/electrical conductivity, may be provided by these additional metals. Forging metal parts with alloy steel provides high wear resistance and strength.

2.  Aluminium:

Aluminium is highly corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for use in harsh situations such as those encountered in aerospace applications. The metal is also stable at low temperatures and has a strong strength-to-weight ratio due to its low density.

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3.  Carbon Steel:

The carbon content in the Carbon steel metal gives it extra strength. In high-temperature and high-pressure applications, the metal also works well.

4.  Micro Alloy Steel:

Titanium, Vanadium, and niobium are commonly used as micro-alloy additions. As micro-alloy steel cools, it becomes extremely tough, and it usually does not require a post-heat treatment to acquire improved mechanical qualities.

5.  Stainless Steel:

Corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength, and durability are all advantages of stainless steel. When the metal is forged, all of these qualities are improved even further.

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6.  Titanium:

Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal with a high melting point. Corrosion and high temperatures are not a problem for this metal.

Production of technically advanced industrial forged parts and machined components is acute. It takes years of experience and firmness, along with expressive market expertise, technology-knowledge and symbiotic work-force, to meeting the growing needs of this evolving industry. However, we at Unique Forgings (India) Private Limited started in the year of 1987 and have gained expanding momentum towards delivering forged parts and components, depending on the specifications by far.

Furthermore, providing custom-built forging solutions often demand utmost level of commitment, and that should also go hand-in-hand with customers’ expectation. That’s where we firmly stand on! We have a constructive vision to keeping an approach of serving genuine customer satisfaction; meaning offered forged parts with the help of our experienced and highly competent experts and technocrats of the industry; is greatly utilized by our esteemed clients across the globe.

Through world-class knowledge, skillfulness and technology of the industry, we have served various industries such as Automobile, Railways, Oil & Gas, Material Handling Equipment, Hydraulic, etc. With the passage of time to trying and consistently serving our customers with the preciseness in the best possible manner, we finally became a Private Limited Company on 30th March, 2007. And, from tooling design to final forged products, we always quite fairly make sure to give immense care to maintaining precision as well as accuracy throughout our manufacturing process at large. Unique Forgings (India) Private Limited is a full-fledge company of a unique group of companies, manufactures and supplies an exquisite range of varying Industrial Forged Parts & Machined Components (Close Die, Open Forging & UPSETTER Forging), Foundry Components (Investment Casting), High-Tensile Fasteners (For High-Pressure, High/Low Temperature Application), that are further made to stand the test of time so as to maintain their resilient properties to the greatest degree possible.

On top of everything, not only we are providing customized solutions to specific needs of our valued customers, but also make sure to build up a communicative approach with them that help our manufacturing officiated processes in the most regularized flow as needed and required. The best part is – We are the manufacturer of forged parts & machined components, approved by various government, public sectors as well as third-party agencies, and last, but not the least – Our customers!

One of the main reasons we are growing aggressively in the industry is our policy to stay transparent in terms to business dealings. That’s the reason we are able to keep the target of strength, high-quality, and professional customer-centric service.

Since we have everything ranging from quality management, experienced staff, good customer service, solid infrastructure and flexible production, all you have got to do is to contact us for your inquiries!

With that being said – In understanding the accurate needs of the client, we always make sure that we continue a trusted relationship, leading us to take the business to the next level. Moreover, the amazing thing is – Our ultra-modern production unit as well as facilities is spread over land area of more than 60,000 square yards imperatively.
As we earned a reputable name in the industry due to the introduction of our remarkable and sustained products, and our organization backed up by an infrastructural base of modern technology in the most coordinated manner, we have built-up area of over 3,50,000 square feet at GIDC VITHAL UDYOGNAGAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, ANAND, GUJARAT, INDIA.

We at Unique Forgings (India) Private Limited feel proud being a large company, having bigger machines and the capacity of manufacturing large-size forged parts qualitatively; ensure to look constantly forward to delivering what’s best for our customers, in turn they can take optimal materials’ usage in their projects as required and needed.

We are leading manufacturers of High-Quality forged products for over 34 Years. We are one of the major sources to cater various industries which include Automobile, Railway, Oil & Gas, Material Handling Equipments, Hydraulic etc. We are IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company.

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