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What You Should Explore Before Finding an IVF Centre in Delhi

Fertility issues in couples are rising due to the hormonal imbalance and other bodily malfunctions. In the case of females, delayed menstrual cycles, inability to get pregnant, failing to ovulate and thus, coming across the signs of infertility are some of the important warning signs to see a gynaecologist. In the modern world, dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, weight gain and a poor sexual life altogether signify that a female should look for the best ivf centre in Delhi. Let us understand in brief when a woman should look up for gynaecological assistance to deal with her infertility issues and possible causes of becoming infertile:

Factors to consider attaining female fertility: A brief overview

There are some of the common reasons or causes wherein, a female patient has to look after her health and see a doctor when she finds it tough to conceive. Here are some of the essential factors which you should know if your condition of not being able to get pregnant is increasing and seeking professional assistance from the best fertility clinic in Delhi is the only option to rely on:

Ovulation needed: When it comes to attain parenthood, pregnancy needs to be normal. Moreover, to keep the conception period free of complications, ovulation has to be maintained. It further implicates the need for ovaries to produce as well as release an egg for letting ovulation take place without any hindrance. It is this ovulation which can be regularized by checking the fertility specialist, wherein, the menstrual cycles are evaluated to offer medical advice accordingly.

Based on the medical assessment, the best IVF centre in Delhi confirms ovulation. There are few tests like measurement of hormone levels, checking the basal temperature, conducting transvaginal ultrasound, endometrial biopsy and blood tests. These tests are aimed at attaining the concrete results from ovulation detection by understanding the LH or Luteinizing Hormone level. On the other hand, urine test kits are also prescribed to patients to measure LH level and thereby, checking the scope of ovulation in women. Frozen Embryo Transfer: A type of IVF Treatment

Regular intercourse and better sex life for conception

When the fertility period is on peak or being witnessed in the age group of 20-35 years of age, the couple should focus on a regular intercourse to maintain the fertile time. Most of the doctors recommend that women should not give hopes of conception until she has attained the age of 35 years. However, if a female is somewhere between 35-40 years, yet, expects to get pregnant, then, after trying to conceive for up to 6 months, she should visit the best infertility clinic in Delhi.

This case is applicable if the attempt to get pregnant fails and for the women who are older than 40 years, tests and treatment are prescribed right away without any prior period of trying to expect. If the fertility issues are detected in an individual or irregular history of periods is identified by the infertility specialist, then, treatment should be started without any delay. Some of the issues which lead to infertility include, repeated miscarriages, cancer treatment in the past, pelvic inflammatory disease, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, etc.

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