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What Is The Significance Of Odour Control System In A Sewage Treatment Plant?

Controlling and regulating odours is one of the most challenging aspects of sewage treatment. Odour control in wastewater treatment is always a crucial aspect of any treatment facility. Foul odours are often a source of complaints.

Moreover, in the absence of odour control, workers can ignite objections. Although many odours are contained within the plant’s proximity, some scents usually drift to the surrounding areas. Smells, when uncontrolled, can adversely impact the overall job satisfaction of the workers in the plant.

Continuous odour emissions from treatment plants are the primary reason behind air pollution. Odour causing gases are harmful and can cause public nuisance and safety risks. With these things in mind, let’s glance at the importance of odour control systems in sewage treatment.

Why is Wastewater Odour Control Important?

In most cases, foul odours at treatment plants emanate from the anaerobic decomposition of the organic compounds. A natural by-product of the anaerobic process is Hydrogen Sulphide. Note that Hydrogen Sulphide has extremely low solubility in wastewater.

This is the primary reason why it is released into the atmosphere and creates an offensive odour. Furthermore, amines and mercaptans are the other two odour-causing gases at sewage treatment plants. These are organic compounds that contain nitrogen or sulphur.

Odour Control Units reduce Health Hazards Greatly

Undoubtedly, odour control units are your go-to option to manage foul smells and comply with environmental regulations. But do you know that odour control units can drastically decrease health hazards drastically?

As an employer, you should understand that maintaining your employees’ health is your liability. Moreover, if your organisation is popular in the market, you should take care of your reputation. Any breach of duty or negligence can severely tarnish your image.

If your sewage treatment plant requires odour control, consult the odour control unit manufacturers today. In most cases, they will provide you with the best odour control management device by analysing your plant.

Avail Customised Solutions to address your Problems

Are you on the lookout for plant-specific customisation? Note that a large majority of odour control units can be customised as per your preferences. No doubt, every sewage treatment plant has its requirements. If the manufacturer only provides out-of-the-box options, then it wouldn’t be good.

One of the primary benefits of odour control units is that the manufacture can customise them. In this manner, your sewage treatment plant would be able to control odour and foul smell better.

Air Pollution Control with Odour Control Systems

Corporate social responsibility is a growing trend among industries nowadays. One of the best ways to comply with CSR regulations is to install an odour control system. Moreover, pollution created by odours is commonly neglected.

Now you can give your company’s CSR initiatives a boost by installing odour control units. The odorous gases around the plant can be treated effectively with the help of odour control systems. As a responsible sewage treatment plant, you should delegate the odour control process and treatment to the best manufacturers.

Do you know that odour control units can elongate the lifespan of your equipment and types of machinery? When the costly equipment comes in contact with the odorous gases, it causes corrosion. In simple words, investing in odour control units has excellent advantages.

Consult the top odour control units manufacturers and specialists today to manage foul smells in your treatment plants.

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