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What Is The Best Custom PC Builder Website?

While building your own gaming PC is the best way to get exactly what you want and still get a lot of bang for your money, we understand that building a PC can be quite complicated for those who are not familiar with their computer´s innards.

There are too many interconnected parts, different brands, models and specifications, and compatibility checks and price ranges. The configuration possibilities are virtually infinite, so creating the perfect custom PC build to cover your specific needs is a daunting task, even for experienced builders.

That’s why online PC builders have become so popular lately.

The best custom PC builder websites are one-stop shops that allow you to design, purchase and put together every part for your custom PC in minutes.

Custom PC builder websites have become extremely intuitive to use.

Up until a few years back, you would typically start your build by choosing a part you wanted, usually a CPU or a graphic card. Then you would be adding compatible pieces until you got a full rig. Then proceeded to order your pieces, wait for them to come by mail and put everything together over the weekend.

Nowadays, using a completely customizable pre configured build as a foundation is a lot easier. Advanced online stores will show a tiered list of configuration presents, usually ranging from budget builds all the way up to high-end gaming rigs. Once you pick one as a foundation, they will only show components that are compatible with the build, while giving you full power to compare and try new combinations, giving you the ability to refine your machine until you get the right PC for the right price. You can have an approximate idea of what you´re getting and start tweaking from there, all while having real time information on performance impact and pricing.

What is the best website to get gaming PC’s built from?

The best custom gaming PC builders now offer assembling, installation and testing services, drastically cutting many of the problems many users face when putting their gaming PCs together. Even when you are experienced, there are many factors that could complicate things. Defective drive sectors, a faulty ram stick, freak problems that must be solved with a fresh Bios flash, or even problems with your OS license.

Many would say they prefer to put their PCs together at home. However, some of us cannot spend any more weekends solving a big puzzle. It is fun the first dozen times, but I´d rather spend my Sundays gaming.

Even if you know how to solve these problems on your own (you can actually find plenty of documentation online), it is a lot more convenient to let others take care of them and know for sure your PC is performing the way it should right off the bat.

We have found that CLX Gaming offers the best custom PC builder website out there. Their intuitive PC build system allows you to start from very solid pre configurations and then add or remove any part you want. You can see how your choices affect the performance of your new PC, and also the final price so you can make informed decisions without having to spend your whole afternoon hunting for deals on ten different websites. They also offer a very attractive Lifetime Labor Warranty, and a minimum of 1-year parts warranty.

Visit CLX gaming today and start building the custom gaming PC of your dreams right away. Their rigs offer incredibly powerful customization options to choose from, so you can rest assured you will get the performance you want.

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