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What is a Cassock and Surplice and Where to Find Them

Whether you’re a member of the clergy or someone attending that sits in the pews, you have probably noticed the type of garments that are being worn by the people who preach to you every Sunday or whenever you make it to church.

Much like other types of jobs, you can think of these garments as some type of uniform. Much like other kinds of jobs, regular, “normal” clothing cannot be worn while working or attending the job, as you are required to play a certain role while preaching or doing the tasks of said job.

This all is true and is required for members of the clergy, as well. Depending on the type of position one holds in the church also depends on the types of clothing you will see them wearing during any given church service. Depending on certain religious holidays, those garments are subject to change, but usually, they remain the same.

One of those types of garments you have most likely seen being worn by a member of the clergy at your church is called a cassock that is also worn with something called a surplice. A cassock is a robe that is worn and the surplice is the loose white linen vestment (garment) that is worn over the cassock and can reach from the hip or all the way down to the calf. These types of garments are typically worn during Christian services and have a lot of historical and religious significance.

These garments are derived and passed down from the historical and well-identified Roman tunic, the cassock robe is a traditional piece of clerical wear that is worn by the official members of the church during service. Accompanied with the surplice is what makes the entire ensemble complete. The clergymen and women that wear these pieces during church services do so that they can show their official standings within their church while also honoring the traditions of whichever religion or denomination they are practicing.

Cassocks and surplices can be found in many different colors and styles since each member of the clergy can possess their own personal preferences and requirements for their garments. Cassocks slightly resemble long robes, so they can be fitted to any type of body, no matter the size. At Divinity Clergy Wear, they supply their online store with an amazing assortment of different cassocks, in all different colors and sizes to accommodate as many members of the clergy as possible.

Choose from any other the diverse colors and styles that will match your personal style, body type, and needs as an official member of the clergy. The cassock robes available at Divinity Clergy wear are very accessible, as they are easy to wear and easy to put on. The robes you can find at Divinity Clergy Wear are nothing short of high-quality, while also remaining affordable so they can be accessed, purchased, and worn by as many people as possible.

You might just get lucky and see one of your clergy members sporting a cassock robe from Divinity Clergy Wear the next time you attend a church service. Visit divinityclergywear.com to find all of the necessary vestments that you or someone who know may need for their next church service.

Just like any other clothing piece, you are going to need some replacements at some point in time. That’s where Divinity Clergy Wear steps in. They provide the best and highest quality of vestments for any occasion. Find the right clerical clothing for you from Divinity Clergy Wear.

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