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What are the easy ways to prevent termites from spreading?

Every household should learn simple measures to keep termites at bay. Termite prevention assists homes in avoiding costly damage. We recommend that you conduct regular termite inspections in your home because we believe termites are devious, ardent, and go undiscovered until major damage has been done and enormous colonies have already been established. Termite populations must be exterminated by a professional. If you have noticed termite presence in your furniture or around your home, we recommend that you adopt these simple methods to prevent termites from spreading.

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1.  Avoid excessive moisture.

Moisture attracts bugs of many kinds, including termites. Excess moisture in your home should be removed to keep termites at bay. If you live in a humid climate, investing in a good dehumidifier can assist. Similarly, on hot summer days, you can utilise the air conditioner to keep the temperature comfortable while avoiding an excessive buildup of wet air indoors.

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2.  Fix Leakages:

Leaks may wreak havoc on your furnishings. Excessive moisture in the wall caused by leaks provides an ideal environment for insects and termites. Repairing the leaks will save you money before it’s too late.

3.  Organize your house:

It is critical to organise your home so that you and professionals can inspect and treat termites and other insect infestations. Unwanted paper, periodicals, paper cartons, and old textiles provide suitable dwelling and food material for pests such as termites.

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4.  Ensure the foundation and garden is placed apart:

Moisture from garden soil is a primary source of foundation damage in homes. It also allows insects, particularly termites, easy access to the home structure.

5.  Use Borate:

Borate is a well-known insect repellent. Spraying borate on wooden surfaces before painting them is known to deter termites. Because the wood absorbs borate quickly, it may be primed, painted, and used to construct windows, doors, furniture, and so on after drying. The borate concoction is known to repel termites for several weeks or until professional assistance is sought.

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6.  Firewood storage:

Make sure to keep any pile of firewood at least 20 feet away from your home.

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