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What are the applications of PTFE Products?

Because it is a high molecular weight polymer made completely of carbon and fluorine, PTFE is a fluorocarbon (solid-state) at room temperature. The nonstick coating on pans and other equipment is made of PTFE. It is commonly used in containers and piping for reactive and corrosive chemicals because of the strength of the carbon-fluorine bonds. When used as a lubricant, PTFE minimises friction, wear, and energy consumption in equipment. It’s widely utilised in surgical treatments as a graft material. It’s also commonly used as a catheter coating to keep bacteria and other infectious agents from sticking to catheters and triggering hospital-acquired infections.

Noble Glass Works is an excellent and noted PTFE Lined Ball Valves manufacturer in Vadodara.

As a medium-sized international active firm, Noble Glass Works is recognized as a trusted and competent partner to all industrial groups. PTFE O Rings, PTFE Bushes, PTFE Bellows, PTFE Lined Sight flow Indicators, and PTFE Lined Ball Valves are among the products available.

Types of PTFE products:

1.   PTFE O Ring:

Due to its low moisture absorption capabilities and wide temperature operating range, PTFE O Rings are utilised as gaskets in different chemical process applications or in glass fittings and for sealing joints between Metal – Metal, Metal – Glass, or Glass – Glass connectors.

2.   PTFE Bush:

PTFE is a versatile substance with several applications in a wide range of industries. For such bespoke applications, we offer the whole spectrum of PTFE Bush in a variety of Dimensions. The typical length is 100mm, but custom lengths are available on request. The raw materials used to make these PTFE bushes are made of the highest quality. Our production process assures great material uniformity in the finished PTFE Bush, assuring structural integrity. T Bush made of PTFE is also available.

3.   PTFE Bellow:

In PTFE bellows, PTFE expansion joints, and PTFE compensators, the exceptional corrosion resistance of PTFE is paired with its remarkable flexing capabilities.

Noble Glassworks is one of the dominant and well-known PTFE High Pressure Bellows manufacturers in India.

4.   PTFE Lined Sight Flow Indicators:

Sight Flow indicators are extensively used to monitor flow in pipes throughout industries. Metal bodies are incompatible with the process medium in some applications, despite the fact that classic Sight Flow indicators are useful in most industries.

Cast Ductile Iron or a range of stainless steel grades are commonly used for the body of a Flow Indicator. To thoroughly line the wetted parts, corrosion-resistant polymers such as FEP or PFA are utilised.

5.   PTFE Lined Ball Valves:

Cast Ductile Iron or various stainless-steel grades are commonly used for the valve body. To thoroughly line the wetted parts, corrosion-resistant polymers such as FEP or PFA are utilised.

In PTFE coated ball valves, the self-adjusting packing enables maintenance-free spindle sealing. It has nearly no backlashes in the stem and ball, even after extended use. The PTFE liner improves the valve’s performance. Slots are machined into the body to guarantee that the lining is securely in place, making it suited for high vacuum operation.

If you are looking for a distinct PTFE Lined Ball Valve manufacturer in India, Noble Glass Works is the right place for you.

Applications of PTFE Products:

  • It’s widely utilised in ski bindings as a non-mechanical AFD (anti-friction device)
  • It can be stretched to contain microscopic pores of varied sizes, then sandwiched between fabric layers to make a waterproof, breathable fabric for outdoor wear.
  • It’s widely used as a stain-repellent fabric protector on formal schoolwear like uniform blazers.
  • It’s usually used to keep trapped insects and other arthropods from escaping.
  • It’s meant to provide strength and heat resistance to surgical instruments and other medical equipment, and it’s utilised as a coating for medical and healthcare applications.
  • It is utilised in high-friction sections of footwear, insoles, ankle-foot orthoses, and other sports and medical applications as a pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed film interface patch.
  • PTFE is often found in lubricants for musical instruments, particularly valve oil.
  • PTFE is found in some aerosol lubricant sprays, including micronized and polarised forms. It’s known for its low coefficient of friction, hydrophobia (which prevents corrosion), and the dry coating that forms after application, which prevents particles from gathering and forming an abrasive paste.
  • PTFE is well known for coating nonstick frying pans and other cookware since it is hydrophobic and has high heat resistance.

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