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What are horse properties? What are its characteristics?

horse properties

Although the terms “equestrian property” and “horse property” are interchangeable, those who breed and nurture horses especially like to refer to their land as “ranches” or “horse farms.” But it’s generally accepted that properties with less than 20 acres are usually referred to as equestrian residences, horse properties, or equestrian estates. 

Real estate markets like Scottsdale are heaven for sellers. This means that there are numerous qualified buyers. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro’s average home value is $401,673, up by 31.8 percent over the previous year. So, before moving forward, look at Scottsdale Arizona horse properties for sale.

These properties typically range in size from two to fifty acres. There is no specific acreage requirement, but a property must be zoned for horses and have a way to remove manure every week. 

Also, for every two horses, experts advise at least an acre of land. A good water source, room for paddocks, and a barn or stable are requirements for a property to be appropriately categorized as a horse property. A pasture and a facility for bathing your horse should also be available.

Characteristics of horse properties:

Design Components

Equestrian estates contain an architectural beauty that can enthrall anybody, not just those who intend to raise horses on them. 

The ideal equestrian estate, according to experts, should be able to accommodate at least ten heated stables with minimum dimensions of 44 meters (roughly 170 sqft), with enough space for equipment storage, a place to clean and shoe the horses, a veterinary facility, and an office for the caretakers.

Having the proper tools

In contrast to typical property modifications like gardens and swimming pools, an equestrian estate includes unique features. For instance, a large, open area where the horses can wander is a must, along with stables for them to rest, and equipment for their development. These factors will impact the design and total cost of the investment as a whole. 

A manor house, a stable, and other facilities needed for horse rearing are essential for this property. Equestrian estates are extremely expensive to create and maintain, which is why they don’t sell often. Since they are treated like a business and a hobby, they frequently last for several generations in a family.

Remarkable Estates

There are innumerable equestrian estates across the country, so how can you tell which ones are the best? What’s essential is a large, open area of the property with easy access to horse trails and state parks where the horses may graze, as well as an equestrian community with a robust horse-care infrastructure. 

Since all the amenities and services needed to nurture horses are close by, equestrian communities are excellent starting points for your estate. In addition, it is good to consider a sizable plot of land in an established equestrian neighborhood where the locals share a passion for horse ownership. 

If you intend to start your horse ranch, as there are Scottsdale, Arizona horse properties for sale, one can consider this a good option. 

Key points to check before buying equestrian real estate:

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing real estate for horses is not the same as buying other property types. Buying equestrian real estate differs from purchasing different kinds of real estate, and there are several things to consider that will ultimately influence your choice.

  1. Location, Accessibility, & Acreage
  2. Pastures, Soils, & Natural Habitat
  3. Slope Stability & Riding Opportunities
  4. Water Supply, Natural Water Features, & Waterways
  5. Well, Septic System & Drainage
  6. Zoning & Expansion Potential
  7. Structural Safety
  8. Stable or Barn
  9. Tack Room
  10. Shade & Shelter
  11. Storage & Parking
  12. Riding Arenas & Fencing 

Final thoughts

The natural setting, the size of the land, the property’s architectural style, and the specialized training facilities for the majestic animals are just a few of the many factors that horse owners should consider when searching for an equestrian estate.

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