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Ways to Increase the Value of Your Car

Selling an automobile is almost always a lengthy procedure. Making the decision to sell your vehicle takes the longest of all the procedures. Have you made up your mind about the new car you’ll acquire? If you answered yes, you’re probably considering strategies to maximise the worth of your old vehicle. If you are planning to sell your automobile, we’ve put together a checklist to assist you to enhance its worth.

Determine Factors Which Affect The Price Of a Used Car And Thus Car Resale Value:

The most significant factors for any used vehicle purchaser are model year, car condition, model make, mileage, and attractiveness. As a result, you must ensure that your vehicle achieves the highest possible mark on these metrics. Get Free Instant valuation with Buy My Car and sell your old car.

Model Make or Popularity

When you purchase a car, look into its resale value to ensure it will hold its value over time. Due to their appeal and reliability, which normally attracts higher resale prices, several brands offer better automotive trade-in values than the others.

Undertake your own study to determine which vehicle will best suit your needs and style while still maintaining a high resale value.


When the worth of your old car is determined, it would be categorized as being in good, excellent, fair, or bad conditions. If your vehicle seems to be brand new, you’ll earn the maximum price for it, yet an outstanding condition score is difficult to come by. Your vehicle would most probably fall into the fair or good category, indicating that it has been maintained properly and may just require minor servicing and repair.

Mileage and Age

Depreciation is influenced more by mileage than by age. In general, cars are driven somewhere around 10,000 and 15,000 kilometres each year. The further you ride and add miles on the vehicle, the more probable it is that its value would swiftly deteriorate. Consider the amount of wear and tear the vehicle will endure if you give it a 6 figure mileage. If you keep a high-end automobile for a long time and do not place a lot of miles on your car, you can consider it to be designated as being in “excellent condition,” which would offer you a better resale value if you plan to sell it.

Increase the Value of Your Car

It’s not easy to keep your vehicle’s original value. This would take some time, work, and expense to complete the procedure. However, in the end, you’ll be honoured with a vehicle that would probably outlast your loan agreement. Most critically, maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis would ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Knowing what automobile to buy, how to keep your vehicle’s worth, and whenever your vehicle needs service is a wonderful method to beat the depreciation.

It should be well cleaned.

It’s crucial to make an excellent first impression. You’ll get much more money from your vehicle if it’s clean and shiny. “The nicer your automobile appears, the simpler it will be for a seller to sell an old car. If you spend £50 or £100 on an experienced valet, you’ll get your money back in the form of a two- or three-fold boost in the value of your car in the perspective of the purchaser.

Duplicate key

The spare key to your vehicle is incredibly vital to keep safe. Because these items are rarely used, it is best to keep them where they’d be quickly located. It will also be required by the current buyer of your vehicle.

History of Service

First and first, whether you intend to sell the vehicle or not, it is really a good idea to have it serviced through an approved source. It becomes even more crucial if you plan on selling your car. Because approved service centres are linked, you could always check out your service records and print them out. At Sell My Old Car, you will get a number of Audi purchasers who are usually looking for good condition, high-specification cars.

Organize Your Documents.

Prospective buyers would demand to know how a used car has been cared for throughout its lifetime before you sell it. For that reason, ensure you have the service booklet and get it filled out by garages, even though the vehicle is no longer being serviced by a licensed dealer. Maintain any associated bills for completed work, and also previous MOT certificates.

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