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Water saving is the need of today

Water saving is the need of today

Water saving is the need of today


Water is life, we have been hearing all this, we have been saying it, but who believes it? Saving every single drop of water is the need of today, if we do not save water today, then our coming generation will have to yearn for every drop of it, the water level of water is continuously decreasing. Where about 20 years ago the water coming from a depth of 40 feet has now gone down 90 to 100 feet.
Stop wastage of water:- We have to stop wastage of water. You know, if there is water, then tomorrow is the water we need today and for this, first of all, its waste has to be stopped, open taps are open somewhere in our country, somewhere without any reason, water is used more for cleaning, If there is a tap running in a public place, then no one considers it the responsibility to turn it off, first of all, if every person starts understanding his responsibility, without running the tap, use less water in washing clothes, bathing, then water Where we waste manifold water for our needs, the birds flying in the scorching heat on the sky die due to thirst.

Water conservation and storage to save water

Water is the basis of life, if we want to save it then it has to be conserved. The availability of water is decreasing, and the epidemic is increasing, so the solution of this water crisis is the need of the day, and it becomes the responsibility of every human to save it, this becomes our national responsibility and we also ask the international community to do the same. Expecting responsibility, the source of water is limited, in such a situation, by keeping the sources of water safe, we can deal with the crisis of water. For this we have to curb our indulgent tendencies and become frugal for the use of water, we have to tackle this problem by removing this mismanagement of water.

Water saving in agriculture is the need of today

We say that if there is no agriculture then what will we eat? But if you take a little care of water in this too, then you can save water.

(1) Water should be fixed according to each crop, accordingly irrigation should be planned for irrigation works.
Low water consumption technologies like compressor and drip irrigation should be encouraged.

(2) Research should be encouraged for low water consumption and high yielding seeds for various crops.

(3) As far as possible such food products should be used in which less water is used. It is also necessary to reduce the unnecessary wastage of food items, so the increased use of water in its production goes in vain.

why we should save water

Why should we save water? For this we have to understand the importance of water, first of all man can live without other things in his life but he cannot live without oxygen and water and food, water is the most important of these three valuable things. There is 71% water on our earth, we all know but only 2% water is fit for us to drink, and one billion people are using this water every day, it is also being estimated that by 2025 water scarcity will cause 3 Billion people will be suffering so if we save water then tomorrow and today this problem can be solved. For this, we have to make water safe from today itself and stop its wastage.

Water is also the need of today to be clean

(1) Many lakh people are dying every year due to diseases due to water pollution, this water has to be stopped from getting contaminated, so that that water can be used in today’s need.

(2) 13 liters of water is wasted in making one page of a newspaper, so imagine how much water is being wasted all over the world.
(3) In our country every 15 seconds a child is dying of water borne disease.

So imagine how much damage is caused due to this contaminated water, if the water is prevented from getting contaminated, then how many diseases and water can be saved.

Water saving is the need of the day

(1) First of all, we have to take an oath that we will save water and stop its wastage.
(2) If all the people in the whole earth save a little bit of water, then a lot of water can be saved.

(3) By conserving rain water, it can be used in other daily work like washing clothes, watering the garden, can also be used for bathing.

(4) If we use bucket for bathing instead of shower while taking bath, then we can save 100 to 200 liters of water per day.

(5) Use the tap to close it tightly, due to the water falling, a lot of water is wasted.

(6) Plant most of the trees in the rainy month so that the plants can get water naturally and the tree prevents cutting of the plant.

(7) We should also understand the social duty so that we can stop the wastage of water, wherever we see the tap running, whether it is railway station, bus stop or any public place, save the loss of running tap and waste water because if If we do not consider the need of today to solve this problem, then tomorrow we will have to suffer a heavy loss.


Thus water provides life on earth for us and other living beings, water is a gift given by God to us human beings and other beings. Without it, we cannot even imagine life in any planet other than Earth, so saving water is needed today, if there is water, there is life tomorrow and it is today.

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