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Video Surveillance: Choosing an Efficient System For Your Home

CCTV Camera

Which video surveillance system for your home ? This is the question many homeowners are asking. Among the many solutions available on the market, it is not always easy to navigate and make a relevant choice. How to place the cameras? What functionalities should they have? Here are some tips to follow to find the surveillance system that meets your expectations!

Different types of surveillance cameras

If you expect to watch a large area, there are several solutions available to you. You can install multiple cameras or choose a rotating camera model that covers a larger area by limiting the number of devices to set up. You can also go for cameras with a wide-angle lens that allow you to get wider images.

The characteristics of a good surveillance system

Whether you are looking to monitor the inside or outside of your home , it is important to properly consider the many features of a video surveillance device to make the right choice:

  • the camera resolution : the higher the resolution, the more details will be visible and the more simple it will be to practice the videos. High resolution (HD) models are preferred to obtain satisfactory image quality.
  • night vision: effective surveillance of your home takes place day and night. An infrared camera provides optimum quality for viewing what is happening inside or outside your home, even in complete darkness. The range varies according to the model and is to be defined according to the zone placed under surveillance during the night.
  • wired or wireless: depending on the location, a wired system may be difficult to install. Outdoors, this type of equipment requires a nearby power outlet to operate. Indoors, the wires can be annoying and unsightly. Cameras operating over Wi-Fi, on the other hand, require good reception to function properly.

 Choose the features of your video surveillance system

There are many surveillance systems that offer more or less features, to choose from depending on your needs and expectations in terms of video surveillance:

  • anti-intrusion alarms: attached to movement detectors, sirens are triggered as soon as abnormal activity is detected. It can be a simple sound signal with a deterrent purpose which scares away intruders or a more elaborate system which also alerts the police for a rapid intervention. Some models are equipped with anti-intrusion smoke projectors to scare away burglars.
  • speakers and microphone: some surveillance cameras are equipped with a microphone and a speaker which make it potential to hear what is occurring in the home and to interact with those present.
  • mobile application: more and more remote monitoring systems offer an application through which it is possible to define many functions. Management of alerts received, configuration of the area to be monitored, transfer of videos to the police, etc.

Most of the time, video surveillance systems are attached to an assistance platform which also displays the recorded images. In the period of an intervention, you receive a notification by email or SMS, depending on your preferences, and a security guard can dispatched to the site to ascertain, or not, the presence of an intruder.

The Types Of Home Cameras

Protect interior spaces

Inside the house, we recommend to install cameras in strategic places. If the front door seems to be the main area to protect, your home has many access points that also deserve special attention. Windows and secondary doors are also sensitive points through which it is possible to enter.

– Monitor outdoor areas

The exterior spaces of your home are also a fragile area through which it is possible to enter. Thus, a garden, a courtyard, a driveway or a garage are places to under surveillance. Based on the construction of your home, it is possible to place a camera to secure the front and a second to the rear.

– Position your cameras correctly

Take the time to observe the layout of your exterior so as to position cameras in strategic places that will allow you to cover a large area without having to multiply the number of devices.

Place a video surveillance system in accordance with the legislation

Installing surveillance cameras all around your home is a reassuring and particularly effective solution to prevent possible intrusions. However, we must be vigilant, because such an installation must meet certain legal obligations .

– Make a declaration to the CNIL

Are you hiring staff? You should inform nanny, housekeeper, gardener and other workers in your home about the presence of a camera. You must then make a declaration to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties. If you didn’t declared your system officially, you will not be able to use any records in legal proceedings.

– Respect for private life

For outdoor surveillance, cameras should oriented so that only the garden, courtyard or a private driveway is film. They must not in any case film the public road, even with a view to monitoring a vehicle parked adhered to his house. If you are hiring staff, the indoor camera (s) should only film sensitive areas and should not designed to monitor your employees.

Choosing an effective video surveillance system allows you to properly secure your home. It must be able to cover all exterior areas and focus on sensitive points that allow entry into a house. The installation of such a device you can thought of from the construction of his house.

How many cameras do you need to install to monitor your home?

For effective protection, it is necessary to adapt the number of cameras to the size of the area you decided to monitor. In general, it is preferable to place one camera per zone to secured in order to keep an optimal overview of your property, both indoors and outdoors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras?

Pros of CCTV :

  • Crime elimination.
  • Cost Effective Solution.
  • Ensuring Safety and Surveillance.

Cons of CCTV

  • Stop Vandals and Crime.
  • CCTV Is Costly And thievs can Damage it.
  • Evils can use CCTV to spy on People.


With the development of science and technology, CCTV and surveillance cameras are getting much more advanced day by day. And people around the world are becoming more dependent on CCTV and surveillance cameras. In this guide we have tried to show the users about the usage of different CCTV cameras and their functions. And we believe that from this guide the users will also be able to install CCTV cameras in their premises efficiently.

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