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Video KYC in Mutual Fund Software is the Most Demanding Feature in Distribution Business

With the regular variations in the moving pattern of the industries, tools and technologies are performing a major role in increasing the status of any business. Previously, the investors need visiting the verified center for verification which looks to be a costly and time-consuming method. 

Also from the distributor’s prospect, the method was difficult as they do need to manage physical documents of each client; moreover, the system takes a couple of weeks to confirm the authenticity of clients as an outcome of which the clients cannot invest funds directly to enjoy the benefit of a market that is generating high profits.

The video KYC is a digital method of gathering data and verifying the status of investors through the isolated location by accessing a portal. Such a process does not include direct communication between distributors and investors.

Being an occupied plan of every individual time is a vital asset for investors and distributors too which is spent in an organized manner. Thus keeping in mind the same a new initiative of home-based KYC has been added popularly known as Video KYC in the Mutual Fund Software which allows distributors to receive primary formalities of clients through a digital portal.

Sometimes an investor showing genuine interest to deal with the distributor later rejects just due to the complexities and delays in the verification method. To keep the prospects interested the Video KYC is a tool of attraction that allows them to get enrolled from the ease of their home. 


  • No energy to collect client data.
  • Transforms prospects into real clients.
  • Paperless acquisition of data in a scanned format.
  • Invite clients from faraway locations.
  • Obtained details are ensured on cloud servers.
  • Low operations cost and instant verification.

Is it beneficial for Investors?

  • Perform simple steps through the home place.
  • No paper documents are to be submitted.
  • Saves clients time and cost.
  • Immediate verification for prompt investments.
  • No chances of information theft or loss.

To go through the method, the clients need to access the Mutual Fund Software for distributors for offering online KYC either by getting login credentials from the distributor through visiting an invite link sent by the distributor, in case the distributor doesn’t want to give the credentials to a proposed investor.

The digital form of controlling client’s data is the future of the industry and with the same perception, the trending feature in the Wealth Management software is launched to help distributors and their clients in performing KYC formalities from any place across the globe.

Also, the investors show their genuine interest only in the process which lacks difficulty and is easy because for investors each second is valuable which can produce stunning profits in few time. The firms involved in transactions using the modern method are showing productivity in contrast to those which are still reliant on the old method of KYC.

For more information, visit https://wealthelite.in/

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