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Top Ultimate Things to Do in Spain

You will find different faces of  Spain, starting with the Pyrenees to the Mediterranian and from there further till the Atlantic. It is a diverse country with deep-rooted cultural essence.  Madrid is the capital city of Spanish heritage. You will find some of the most classic works of European Architecture from one end to the other. Get a whimsical glance of heavenly Sagrada Familia, explore the roots of Catalan culture in Barcelona, get a taste of Pinchos in the northern countryside and take cool pictures of the splendor of Moorish architecture in the far south. 


Starting off with our first destination on the list, Bilbao is a famous city in Spain’s northern expenditure. The city experienced a massive boom in its tourism after the inauguration of the Guggenheim museum, making it economically strong and helping it emerge as a hot tourist destination. Bilbao offers a lively nightlife with its astounding bars; you can also explore the turquoise ocean at the sandy beaches of the town. 


If you are visiting Madrid and have not experienced the beauty of the Flamenco dance, then mark your trip as incomplete because you have missed the soul of Spanish culture. The string music playing in the background and pretty Hermosas performing flamenco accompanied by seamless moves and coordinated claps will extraordinarily treat your eyes and ears. Casa Patas, Villa Rosa, and Cardamomo are some popular flamenco destinations. 


It would not be wrong to say that Spain is actually synonymous with Adventure and if you’re an adventure junkie, then be sure to skydive in Empuriabrava. Admire the heavenly view of Costa Brava by hiking to the top of one of the largest mountain ranges across the world. Let’s be onboard on our Spirit Airlines reservations to experience the real Spanish sands.  


Segovia is one of the most iconic historical locations in Spain.  With the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains expanding in the backdrop of the city, you’ll get a mesmerizing view of the city. Segovia holds its true essence in the midtown Roman aqueduct and Alcazar De Segovia, a castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the image of Cinderella castle. 

You will find the city studded with gothic cathedrals, convents, monasteries, churches, and ancient historical sites all across the streets. The ancient architecture sheds some medieval light on the modern cities. Buildings beautifully carved with granite stones will almost leave you speechless during your time in Segovia.


Ibiza is called the party hub of Spain. Best expressed by musician Mike Posner in his song ‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ expresses our feeling towards the heavenly nightlife and most happening beach parties. Book yourself a Yacht and ride along the mild sea waves while dancing to the EDM beats in the air. The city is also best known for the quality of booze and high skies culture. You can visit Destino, Eden, and Amnesia Ibiza to party all night long. 


La Tomatina, is one of the most famous festivals celebrated around the world. People crushing and throwing tomatoes at each other while dancing is a view you will remember for life. The festival is organized on the last Wednesday of August every year in Bunzl. What are you waiting for? Make your Copa Airlines reservations in advance and be sure to witness the people with squashed tomatoes in their hands and excitement in the starry eyes! 

Thrilled to visit Spain, right! Why wait any further when you can get affordable deals on Delta Airlines Book a Flight. You will see a country with varied cultural faces from one end to the other. 

Top Five Ultimate Beautiful Things to Do in Spain

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