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Top 10 Tips To Consider While Planning A Beautiful Wedding

A typical wedding generates 400 pounds of waste and 63 tonnes of CO2. When you multiply these figures by the average number of weddings per year (2.5 million), you get about one billion pounds of waste and as many carbon dioxide emissions as four individuals would make in a year in one day. So, people, it’s time to become more environmentally conscious. This is why having a green wedding is beneficial for everyone.

More and more couples are making it a point to plan and build their dream wedding with the environment in mind, which should have happened from the start. So if you’re planning a wedding and want to know how to have a sustainable wedding, here are the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint without losing style.

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An Eco-Friendly Menu:

Choosing local and organic foods in season reduces the emissions associated with food shipping across the country while also supporting local farmers. The same can be said of local breweries and wineries. Whether your wedding venue provides the wedding meal, you hire an outside caterer, or someone you know provides the cuisine, makes every effort to use organic, local, fair trade, and ethically produced goods.

One Venue:

To reduce emissions, consider holding your wedding ceremony and reception at the exact location. This will also make your wedding guests’ lives easier. Bonus points if your facility also has an on-site kitchen for catering, as this reduces emissions.

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Cut Down On Printing:

Unless required, do not print anything. In this day and age, everything can be done digitally. Use applications like Zola or Evernote to digitally manage your contracts, vendor research, to-do lists, and other documentation.

Decorate With Nature:

Instead of utilising many paper wedding décor or purchasing brand-new objects, consider employing only natural components to decorate your big day. Leaf table cards, a greenery trellis, and tree log platters are all excellent ideas.

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Digital Invites:

While seed paper is an excellent choice, you can also send all of your save the dates and wedding invites digitally. Couples can choose what they want to be digital and what they want to be printed with Paperless Post (if anything). There’s even the option of printing one memento printed invitation for you and your partner.

Reusing Décor:

Did you realise that your wedding decorations can do double duty? This not only adds to a more environmentally friendly wedding plan, but it also saves you money. Bridesmaid bouquets, for example, can be used as table centerpieces. A ceremony backdrop can be transformed into a photo booth backdrop. Chair florals from the wedding can be used to decorate the dessert or cake table during the reception. Make an effort to find a second use for every piece of décor you utilize.

A Vegetarian Menu:

Couples should choose a vegetarian dinner for their wedding because the meat is one of the leading contributors of methane (one of the world’s most potent GHG gases). This will significantly minimize the wedding’s carbon footprint while also slowing climate change. However, if this is too much for you, try a menu at least 50% vegetarian.

No Bottled Water:

Plastic water bottles have a significant carbon footprint and generally end up in a landfill, where they do not disintegrate for decades. Provide reusable cups and a refillable water jug instead.

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Any wedding planner will tell you that wedding favours are frequently left behind after the event. They are a significant waste, so be cautious when (and if) you decide to present wedding favours. Suppose you want to introduce them to your guests, attempt to gift them items like plants, seeds, or something delicious that will not be forgotten. Also, when choosing to package, keep the environment in mind.

Reusable Signage:

Consider using multi-purpose sign choices that can be reused after the wedding, such as chalkboards or glass pieces that can be customised with markers or paint, if you want to have wedding signs for parking, hashtag announcements, reserved seating, or anything else. Purchasing a new paper sign for each item you wish to mark is incredibly wasteful.

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