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Tips to Choose A Yoga Mats Online

Yoga Mat

The pandemic has pushed us all inside the four walls of our houses, raising numerous questions about fitness. Fortunately, for some, the answer came just in time. An ancient Indian discipline came to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of people in the form of yoga. Peace and good-health became second nature after practicing this art. Thus, yoga equipment soared. Yoga accessories such as yoga blocks, yoga blankets and yoga mats came to be seen in plenty of households. Manufacturers boosted up production and their line of options related to yoga accessories. As a result picking something like a yoga mat became a grueling task with numerous available options. Since buying a yoga mat can be an overwhelming experience, we’re here to help you with important tips to choose the right yoga mat online. 

Yoga mats, also known as exercise mats, are used by practitioners of yoga to perform a number of exercises or asanas. To avoid hands and feet slipping, exercise mats come in handy use.

There are 4 things that you need to consider before buying an exercise mats. Level of thickness, price range, type of material and texture. 

Level of thickness – The thickest yoga mat is about ¼ inches while a standard one is ⅛ inches thick. If you’ve had any knee injuries you should ideally be using a thicker yoga mat, since it comes with extra padding. Despite the cushioning, thicker yoga mats are harder to balance on during standing poses. On the other hand, thinner yoga mats are about ⅙ inches and are also known as travel yoga mats due to its lightness. Crafted to be easily carried around, they post a threat to people with knee injuries and therefore should be avoided. 

Price range – Prices include designs, logos, patterns, thickness, textures and antimicrobial treatments. To put it simply, PVC mats are usually towards the lower end of the price spectrum, whereas eco-friendly mats are towards the higher range. It is important to pick a mat depending on your level of expertise. 

Type of material – There are 3 types of material that are widely used. PVC is one of them which is a non-biodegradable, plastic option that is most commonly used. This type of yoga mat becomes extremely slippery when wet with sweat, and it isn’t as absorbent either. TPE is another option which is a human blend made of rubber and plastic. It is more eco-friendly than PVC, although less durable. Lastly, eco-friendly mats are made of cotton, rubber and jute. They offer plenty of traction against your hands and feet but aren’t as durable as PVC.

Texture – Pick the right texture to suit the intensity or style of your exercise. Textures range from silky smooth to rugged and rough.

Now, you are ready to make the right decision. SportsEquip does a wide range of yoga mats. Do click on our shop to find out more. SportsEquip caters to your every need by providing authentic sports equipment right at your door-step.

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