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The car owners are responsible for keeping your vehicle in top shape. The warranty of the manufacturer covers the low-mileage cars; thus it isn’t much of a headache for new or nearly-new car owners. When it expires, it falls on you to look after the vehicle properly. It means you are required to book an MOT Wolverhampton for your car every year.

Is MOT Needed?

Yes, you require MOT, as per the law. The UK government requires your vehicles to be in roadworthy condition to ensure the safety of the drivers and pedestrians. The MOT is not the same as car servicing. Car servicing is concerned with the mechanical health of your car, while MOT ensures that it is safe enough to be on the road. 

How Often Does My Car Need An MOT Test?

If your vehicle is less than three years old, there is no need for an MOT test. But the test is mandatory when it completes three years of its registration. After passing the test, a certificate is issued to the vehicle that lasts for a year. You need to renew the MOT certificate before its expiry; it can be done a month before. Taxis, ambulances, private passenger cars with seats greater than 16 have to be tested 12 months after its first registration. 

What Does An MOT Look For?

An MOT test carries out numerous checks to determine if your vehicle is up to the stipulated safety and environmental regulations. It is important to note that MOT is representative of a minimum standard that a car needs to always maintain. It isn’t only about bringing up the standard of your car once a year. Specialist testing equipment is for seat belt safety, excessive corrosion, windscreen chips, exhaust emission levels, and working of the horn. 

What Is The Meaning Of Approved Test Centre?

Garages that offer MOT testing need to be approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The sign is blue with three white triangles. Take your car to a garage that has your complete trust. 

What Will Happen If My Car Fails An MOT Test?

You can’t use your car on public roads if anything like this happens. Failing an MOT test implies that your vehicle is unable to meet certain environmental and safety criteria given by the government. You can appeal against a test result, but everyone gets the necessary repairs done to bring their vehicle up to mark. Remember to use a reputable garage to get the repairs done. 

How To Improve The Chances Of My Vehicle Passing The MOT Test?

It is seen that millions of motorists fail their MOT test each year. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, about 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOTs due to very basic reasons – illegal Car Tyres Wolverhampton treads, blown light bulbs, and empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. So, you should get your car looked at before the test or get it checked from a garage. It can be cost-effective and save you time in the long run. 

What Will Happen If I’ve Forgotten or Missed the MOT?

Don’t worry; you can find out if your car is insured and has a valid MOT with the internet’s help. You will have online access to a government database with all the required details. All you need is the vehicle’s registration number and either its V5C number or the last MOT test number. 

What To Do If You Have Lost Your MOT Certificate? 

If you have lost the MOT certificate, you can get it reissued; you don’t need to take a retest. Any MOT testing station will provide you with a replacement certificate. But you’ll have to provide the vehicle registration number and either the original MOT test number or the V5C number of your vehicle.

What Can I Do If My MOT Is Past Its Expiry Date?

It is too important to check that the MOT has already expired. It won’t be accepted by any court even if you say you didn’t realise the MOT has expired. Ignorance is not a valid enough excuse when it comes to MOTs. You can’t drive a vehicle if it doesn’t have a proper certificate. The only exception is when you are driving the car straight to the MOT test centre. You have to show the required documents to see a pre-booked test in case you are stopped. 

Are Any Vehicles Exempt From An MOT?

If your car’s age is above forty years old, it is exempted from an annual MOT test, but the owners are legally required to keep them in a safe condition. Tractors and electric-powered goods also don’t need to take MOT Wolverhampton tests. 

So, to conclude, the MOT test is a legal requirement. It is representative of the vehicle’s standard. Your vehicle must have an MOT test annually. 

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