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9 Amazing things to do for a thrilling Maldives holiday

things to do in Maldives

Maldives is a beautiful island covered with palm trees and blue lagoons; which attracts tourists from all around the world. The peace, tranquility, and stress-free environment the place offers you take away all the stress from your life. Therefore Maldives is a humid destination for tourists. Also, a lot of adventurous activities such as amazing water sports, kayaking, and scuba diving, etc. Maldives is a tourist destination that one can explore with friends, family, and spouse. As you can explore it differently with different people along with you.

water bungalow in Maldives

The sandy beaches will help you take long sunbaths with your partners; and will also help you rejuvenate. Not only this, the coral reefs surrounding the coastline will make you fall in love with the place a little more. Also by traveling with Roaming Routes by booking Maldives travel packages; you get an option to pay later and enjoy today through opting from EMI Payment options. This option of payment; will let you enjoy the vacation without putting the burden of paying all at once. Also, we take care to follow all the corona guidelines; and provide you with the most sanitized and safe stays. Here is a list of 9 amazing things that one should do during their first vacation to Maldives.

9 Thrilling and Amazing things to do in Maldives-

Maldives is a land of natural beauty and water body; thus here are 9 things which one must definitely do while in Maldives. This, will not only make you fall in love with the place but will also help you build a stronger bond with your family and partners.

1. Scuba Diving In Maldives-

People from all over the world do Scuba diving in Maldives as it is the most famous location on Earth to do it; so if you want to experience the thrill try it out here. There are a lot of places where you can try diving if you are not certified divers. Or you can try diving on one of the reefs. You can witness variety of water animals while you scuba dive. The water in Maldives is crystal clear which allows you to explore better through eyes; also the water is warm and inviting and you do not require a wet suit in Maldives. This is one of the most popular and favorite things which tourists do when they visit Maldives.

scuba diving

2. Watching Dolphins-

Just when the sun sets in or just before it ; you can surely spend some time over the beach to gaze at Dolphins. The dolphins in Maldives are extremely fun and dearly and some of the most active creatures you will see. You can also ask the captains to chase the dolphins to a distance; and enjoy the thrill of playing with them. Hence watching dolphins is the best thing one could do while being in Maldives.

dolphin show on Indian ocean

3. Try Surfing-

Maldives is also a popular world class destination for all the water lovers who want to try surfing. Also for the ones who want to feel the adrenaline rush, surfing is one of the best thing to do. Also, if you feel scared, are skeptical or are a naive and want to learn surfing; do not forget to try it in Maldives.

water surfing in maldives

4. Visit World Class Spa Facilities-

If you wish to find peace and spend some amazing moments with your partner; spend some time in spa with your partner. The romantic spas are the most famous for uplifting your relationships. You can enjoy the calming music which is played in the background; while a skilled trainer eases out stress from your body. After an hour of this amazing session, all you would love is to relax and enjoy the peace.

spa at Maldives resort

5. Explore the White sandy beaches-

Maldives is known for the white sandy beaches along the coastline; which you can enjoy the long walks and have sunbaths with your partners. There are a lot of yoga retreats and meditation sessions conducted timely; which can be enjoyed by the people and the travelers. What is more exciting is that you can stay in water bungalows; which can directly take you to paradise to stroll around.


6. Explore Parasailing-

One of other adventure which one can do while being in Maldives is, by experiencing the thrill of Parasailing. If you want to take a birds eye view and enjoy the beauty; take a birds eye view by parasailing. It is extremely exhilarating to feel the winds gushing by your hair and you enjoying the view. This should definitely be one of the things which should be in your bucket list; while you visit Maldives.

couple enjoying parasailing in Maldives

7. Romantic Dinners-

There is nothing as Romantic as a beautiful dinner set up along the beach in Maldives. Especially if you are traveling along with your spouse; you should definitely try sunset dinner with your better half; to fall in love with them more.

romantic sunset dinner in Maldives

8. Explore the underwater life by Snorkeling-

If you are somehow scared of diving; snorkeling is the perfect option for you. Just dive in and explore the beauty of nature in deep waters; as you explore the natural aquatic habitat of the underworld. Here you can see turtles munching out their lunch at the reefs. Snorkeling is one of the favorite things which visitors do during their trip to Maldives. Also, when masses come together it feels as if a giant aquarium has formed around.

water snorkeling

9. Try Fishing-

If you are a big fan of fishing; you can even try fishing around Maldives. Tuna is the most popular fish which you can catch while fishing in Maldives. One can try fishing with locals or can try it out with some locals.



The Maldives is a hot destination, where a lot of travelers visit throughout the year. The beautiful land is surrounded by lots of beaches and trees; which provide peace and tranquility to the soul. Also with Roaming routes, one can get their trips customized exactly as per your needs and comfort.

So, if you want more information about the place and other packages with Roaming routes curate for you. Please check out the official web page of the site And visit your dream destination today.

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