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The role of English to Arabic translation in Dubai

The role of English to Arabic translation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with an increasing number of nationalities and spoken languages. A recent estimate puts the numbers of languages spoken in Dubai as 100 by 200 nationalities and 150 ethnic groups.  Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, English occupies a special role in this current multilingual texture, it is used as a language of business, everyday interactions.  The role of English to Arabic translation in Dubai has been remarkably increased due to the bilingual situation in Dubai. Subsequently, the need has arisen to have professional English to Arabic translators as they are responsible for facilitating the communication between the two languages in Dubai.

Moreover, English to Arabic legal translation has become essential, as English is used in conjunction with Arabic in most business activities and government departments in Dubai. So, in this article we will focus our investigation on the role of English to Arabic legal translation in Dubai, and how it has a significant impact on the daily lives of nearly all citizens and residents in Dubai.   

Insights into the realm of legal translation English into Arabic

 Texts to be translated in the field of law come from various text genres,  but are mainly documents by which a person wants to enforce a right in another culture. There is no transfer of culture, but only transparent formulation in a “documentary translation”. The central prerequisite of legal translation of English to Arabic as a  dynamic task for the translator is to produce a text that will lead to the same legal effects in practice, which is based on the source legal system. 

Considering that an 85 percent expatriate of the population speaking different varieties of English, public and private institutions in Dubai are using English in conjunction with Arabic in their legal documents. Thus, the need for the documents emanating from official institutions in Dubai to be translated increased.

 The role of English to Arabic legal translation

The legal translation has several difficulties. English and Arabic came from different roots with different lexical, semantic, and syntactic features. In English, there is an abundant number of terms originating from Latin and French; whereas legal Arabic grew out of literary language and became more sophisticated with the development of its literary counterpart. There was no clear separation between legal, religious, linguistic, and literary styles in the Arabic Language.

ATS for legal translation services in Dubai

Our team of legal translators in Alsun Translation services is ideally positioned to collaborate with their clients in Dubai and demonstrate it. they can provide solutions rather than representing a problem in the communication flow. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an ideal balance between the highest quality and affordability.

When it comes to our team of experienced and certified translators in ATS, we guarantee their awareness of the linguistic, cultural, and legal aspects of Dubai. We help you get the official or certified translations you require for all types of legal documents. Our translating processes are designed to meet all the quality standards.

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