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The most anticipated video games of 2021


Are you a game fanatic? We will give you the best 2021 games list to choose from. You all know that many new games are trending over the internet, but we assure to provide the best of the time games widely played this year.

Top video games of 2021-

  • Evil Land- It is a game whose theme is based on medieval culture. It is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends and other online players. You can get lots of weapons in this game like an axe, bow, etc. You will have stunning 3D crafts on this game. The fun is just 110MB which can be easily downloaded by a 2-3 GB RAM phone.
  • New gangster Crime- You can relate this game with GTA as you will find the story of a gangster. The missions available in it are the star of the whole game. The game is only 330 MB. It also has crazy graphics and also good optimization. You can find more than 50 vehicles in the game.
  • ARK survival- it is a survival game where you will be left. To survive, you will be provided with weapons from which the animals are to be killed. For survival, you also need to take shelter. As soon as the game reaches the milestone, it will be easier to play. The size is 2.4 GB which is quite extensive. It has also crossed 10 million downloads on PC or high ram phones. Get also, Microsoft Redeem Code.
  • Life after- This game is based on the theme of survival from zombies. In this game, you will see a good storyline where you have to kill the zombies and save the world. You will be provided with a gun and some open and shut areas. The size of the game is 3.3GB.
  • Dragon Raja- it is a fully opened world game where you can find Japanese culture. The main thing to swear about the game is that you customize the characters as per your choice. All the detailing in the game is super fine. Also, you can find a great storyline in this game. This is not an Indian game, as we can see from the name, but it can be played in India. The size is 1.7 GB.
  • Six guns- The size of the game is only 800MB. You can see western culture in the game from the 1800s. The graphics are pretty interesting in the game to attract players. A game loft company developed it.
  • Bully– It is the anniversary edition. It is a school-based game and will bring you back to the memory lane of school. You will see the school’s open area. You can relate this game to your life. The size of the game is 3GB. It is, although the paid game in the play store.
  • X- Survive- It is for those who want the size of the game to be more minor but more features. The size is just 154MB. The graphics are super good in this small size game. It is also a survival game.
  • 9MM- the name is based on the size of the bullet. It is also an open-world game like GTA. You will see a fantastic storyline. It was developed by a lost company and had lots of features with excellent graphics. The size of the game is 1.5GB.
  • Mind cell- It is an open-world RPG game with a futuristic environment. You are locked in a place where so many experiments are running. You have to run from this place, and in between, you have to face lots of enemies. You will see combat fights also. You will have to explore a large area in this game. The size of the game is only 550 MB with mesmerizing graphics and lots of weapons to use and kill the enemy. Get www.roblox.com/redeem

Final verdict:

We have listed the best games of 2021. We are now waiting for which one of these you will try and which one you love the most. These are the most trending games nowadays. Make sure to explore all these.

If you liked any of the games, share the list with your squad, and also, for any queries, make comments below. Read This Topic – QuickBooks Online Backup

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