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The Enduring Jade Pendant of Asia

It is undisputed the fact that Jade (Yu) can be described as one of the most unique stones that is used to make beautiful types of jewelry. Jade Pendant is classified as the mystical birthstone of March. It is also thought to be the stone of birth for people who belong to the Sun Sign Virgo. Jade is believed to be the stone of love and optimism. There is a belief that Jade is a symbol of love for the wearer. It also represents the hope of a loved one. In any case, Jade is a beautiful decorative stone.

The power claimed by jade pendants is a myth. Jade pendant is documented and proven fact of human nature. Asian people believe wearing jade is a way to shield themselves from evil spirits, bad luck and danger. Jade ornaments can also be used to signify wealth. If you look at this from a Buddhist perspective jade is thought of as an enchantment. It can keep evil away from your life. It will ensure that good luck is in close proximity. So, jade is thought of as a very significant item. In China the culture of jade is very old and has an ancient tradition. 

Chinese believe that jade is possessing the ability to bring good luck. In reality, it could also be thought of (according to certain people) as a way to communicate with God! In the myths and legends of China, Chinese Jade Pendant was believed to protect people from types of damage. Jade has been believed to shield the liver, kidneys as well as the spleen, heart the larynx, thymus, as well as the thyroid. In the Chinese viewpoint jade is both stylish and strong. There are many distinct types of jade that are found in China. The most well-known is Hetian Jade.

In the sense that it is correctly defined jade is the name used to describe jadeite forms and Nephrite. They are alike in appearance. Sometimes, the distinction between them isn’t obvious. Jadeite nowadays is a lot more expensive and has more expensive costs than Nephrite. It is therefore thought to be the real jade. This is in part because jadeite is more vivid in transparency and color than Nephrite. The most valuable kind of jade is referred to as “Imperial Jade.” 

The material is from Myanmar. It’s an emerald-green color. As a matter of fact Jade is also available in white and green mottled in addition to the more shades: i.e. pink, yellow and black. The green varieties range from light to dark, smooth gray, and white. The leek-green kind of jade is known as “Russian Jade.” It is found close to Lake Baikal in Russia. Jade can also be found in Mexico and Central as well as South America. It’s been long a sought-after stone to carve cabochons, mostly for jewelry. 

The colour that the stones have is the utmost importance, however the transparency and the texture can be relevant when it comes to setting the price. Most jade is 6 1/2-7 according to the Mohs scale of hardness. As with any piece of jewelry that are fine It is important to keep your jade jewelry in good condition and secure. This is why it is recommended to keep your jade pendant in a specially designed case whenever you’re not wearing it. 

Only use a soft cloth to clean your pendant. Other types of cloth could scratch or harm it. Don’t use household cleaners on your ornament made of jade. Make sure you use only the recommended cleaning solution for your jade. Following these simple rules and you can keep your Traditional Chinese Jade Pendant the rest of your life. It’s a great gift that you can pass on to your children and have a particular significance for your entire family. We wish you the best of luck with your personal design!

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