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Start Pickup And Delivery Business With Mobile App in Just 1 WEEK

The on-demand economy has made pickup and delivery a necessity. So much so that this aspect of business success has grown into a lucrative industry. The potential of this segment has been recognized and successfully used by entrepreneurs.

This blog is for anyone looking to Start Pickup And Delivery Business, works.

Business types: pickup and delivery

The pickup and delivery business can be divided into three categories based on who is submitting the service request and who is the supplier:

Pickup and delivery are carried out individually (P2P).

Consider a traditional courier service and then deploy it in a mobile app to create a peer-to-peer pickup and delivery service. The courier app is a perfect example of this model.

Pickup and delivery from business to person (B2P)

Consider ordering pizza from Domino’s through their website / mobile app or a T-shirt at Busted Tees and you will get a good idea of ​​what B2P pickup and delivery are. The sender is a company and the requester is an individual.

Pickup and delivery of goods from one company to another (B2B)

When both the supplier and the buyer are businesses, the supply between them falls under the B2B category. The name B2B pickup and delivery comes from the fact that they are carried out between two businesses.

Let’s take a look at how this model works now that we’ve learned about the different types of shipping and delivery businesses …

Pickup and delivery business model

Whether you choose a P2P, B2P, or B2B pickup and delivery app, the basic working model remains the same:

The sole purpose of the pickup and delivery service is to pick up the item from point A and deliver it to point B. The sender chooses a delivery agent based on proximity and availability.

Possibilities of the mobile application for pickup and delivery

The set of functions of a mobile application for pickup and delivery depends on who uses it. Such a mobile application can be viewed from three sides. Let’s take a look at them together.

Client application for pickup and delivery

Customers should be able to place orders, plan and track deliveries, make payments, and provide customer-side feedback and ratings in the pickup and delivery app.

Application for pickup and delivery agents

The shipping agent must be informed of the pickup and delivery location, and the ability to accept or reject a shipping request through app.. Refusal must be accompanied by an explanation.

Admin panel for receipt and delivery

The admin panel should notify the admin of all upcoming orders, as well as the corresponding shipping agent, provide real-time tracking, and allow customers and shipping agents to receive notifications.

At the same time, the admin dashboard should include a report and analytics tool to help them understand how well their company is doing. Reports and analytics are also essential to running a successful business.

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