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Screen Printing vs. Direct-to-Garment

When you begin printing your t-shirts, the first choice to make is what method to use for t shirt printing. There are a variety of methods for putting your designs on fabric. The methods include sublimation, heat transfer screen printing, direct to garment, and many others. This article discusses the differences between screen printing and DTG printing. They are the two most commonly used methods.

Screen Printing

The most traditional method of screen printing employs plastisol, which is an industry-standard. It is also possible to use liquid (acrylic) inks that are less abrasive. The method used is that a squeegee presses the ink through a stencil and then onto the fabric. This process can take a lot of time! Even though the machine requires manual labor to operate, it is virtually impervious to failure! If it does break down, they are infrequent and require a lot of effort to solve. A majority of these machines are correctly set up and do not anticipate problems.


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Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

This business DTG custom t-shirts for me is a great company to use. DTG near me. This is a newer method. It’s much more efficient and doesn’t require any installation. It’s similar to printing onto paper and functions in a similar way to printing with an inkjet. In the case of acrylic inks, the printer sends ink through nozzles and then squirts it through the cloth. This is why having a top DTG printing company is vital to ensure the quality of your brand.

Simple Designs

Screen printing is a better option if you want to create unique effects on your Tampa t-shirts. Inks that puff up and sparkle in darkness as well as reflect light are all options. Metallic, glossy, matte glittering, shimmering, and inks also work. The only drawback is that you can only choose basic designs. Additionally, you can only use around one or two shades.

Complex Designs

DTG provides a lot more options when it comes to design. Because of the way it prints, you are able to go wild with your designs and even incorporate photos on your T-shirts! Instead of screen printing, think about direct-to-garment printing Atlanta for beautiful prints.


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Mass Production

Screen printing can be the best option when you require your t-shirts to be produced in bulk. There are no costs on the amount of ink you use. However, there is an essential upfront cost. In addition, when designing, it is common to convert your design into the vector format and separate the colors when you custom print.

Short Batches

DTG prints are priced based on milliliters of ink per print. Therefore, ink-intensive designs with larger volumes cost more than smaller ones that have a smaller print space. Therefore, screen printing is not a requirement. Setup costs, however. This makes them perfect for single-use designs. It is also not necessary to convert your designs to vectors before printing.

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