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SAP ABAP: Everything That You Need to Know About It

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SAP ABAP is a programming language that allows SAP users to customize their ERP software and develop new applications and functions. Overall it is a phenomenal programming language using which you can easily customize your ERP software as per your requirements. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to share with you everything that you need to know about it and how you can develop your own ABAP program. However, if you want to learn about it in-depth then you can join the SAP ABAP Training Institute in Delhi.

What You Can Do with SAP ABAP?

Most programmers use this programming language for creating custom applications, function modules, and statements. However, it can do a lot for you than that. Using it you can

  • Develop/create database tables.
  • Develop user interfaces (individual user interfaces).
  • Design reports.
  • Develop new processes and create lists.

What Are Its Main Features?

Following are the main features of the SAP ABAP programming language:

  1. It is a fourth-generation language and its syntax is very similar to the COBOL programming language.
  2. Using it you can easily develop an application or process by just writing very few lines of code.
  3. It can easily process large volumes of data.
  4. It has two main interfaces.
  5. It does not store its functions in libraries.
  6. It integrates database accesses in the source code with the help of open SQL statements.
  7. It stores data in the working memory in internal tables.
  8. Using its SAP buffering feature, you can easily enhance the performance of your database.
  9. It allows multiple users to access a database table simultaneously.

Does SAP ABAP Programs Support Downward Compatibility?

Yes, SAP ABAP programs do support downward compatibility. What does this mean? It means that old instructions of the programs do not lose their validity if you replace them with new instructions. In simple terms, all the functions and programs that you develop using it always remain functional. Besides this, you don’t have to update them too.  Additionally, you can also combine the old and new components of your programs.

What Is ABAP OO and What Are Its Main Features?

It is basically an extension of ABAP that allows developers to use OOPs commands with ABAP. Following are the main features of ABAP OO:

  1. It simplifies the process of application development.
  2. It helps in enhancing the performance of an application.
  3. It helps developers in predefining the structures of objects.
  4. It allows you to combine multiple function modules into groups.
  5. It supports single inheritance.

How Can You Create a Program With SAP ABAP?

Following are the steps that you can follow to create new programs with SAP ABAP:

  1. Go to tools and navigate to ABAP workbench>Development> ABAP Editor.
  2. Now give a name to your new program
  3. Next, tap on the “Source Code” option and hit the “Create” button.
  4. You will see the program attributes window on your screen. Using it you can configure the runtime environment of your program.
  5. Now enter the name of your program in the “Title” field.
  6. Next, navigate to the “Attributes” section and type “Executable program” in the “Type” field.
  7. Now enter “Test Program” in the “Status” field and “Unknown application” in the “Application” field.
  8. Next, select the “Unicode Checks Active” and “Fixed point arithmetic” options. After that hit “Save.”
  9. Now you will see the “Create Object Directory Entry” box on your screen.
  10. Now type “$TMP” in the “Package” field and hit “Save” to navigate to the ABAP editor.
  11. Next, enter this code in the editor “PARAMETERS p_input TYPE c LENGTH 20, WRITE: ‘The input was:’, p_input.”
  12. After that, hit the “Run” option to run the program.
  13. Next, enter a value in the field and tap on the “Execute” button.
  14. Now you will see the value or text that you entered on your screen.


SAP ABAP is a spectacular programming language using which you can easily create new programs and functions. So, do use this fantastic programming language if you want to customize your SAP ERP and develop new programs and applications for your organization. However, if you are new to using this amazing programming language then you can enroll yourself in the SAP ABAP Online Training program to become an expert in it.

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