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Safety surfacing and playground equipment for the schools

If there’s one place where you see your kids bubbling with joy and energy, then it has to be the playground of the school. That’s the only place where kids can forget their inhibitions and be themselves. There goes a very famous saying as well. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You can very well understand how significant playing is for the kids. Physical activity of any kind is a must for them. Research has already proven that physically active kids are mentally strong. After all, the neurotransmitters flow freely to the brain and that’s how a child learns better. 

There’s no denying the fact that the playground is the second home for the kids. It’s been noticed that kids who play regularly have a much healthier lifestyle. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that safety surfacing standards are met and they are comfortable for your broods. Apart from this, one gets to see a lot of playground equipment too. That has to be safe and must put the children at ease when they deal with it. This blog is going to educate you on just that. You’ll get to know the kind of surfacing required in the playground and the kind of equipment that should be installed for the tiny tots.

How to choose the best surfaces for the playground?

  • Well, to begin with, the surfacing should be comfortable. 
  • If you’re a school owner looking for the best surfaces, then you must ensure that there are lots of natural materials in the surfacing. This includes gravel, sand, grass, and many more such things. Bark and wood chips also can be considered for the same. Though natural material provides easy application, it needs regular maintenance from your end. 
  • One of the best surfaces in the playground is the wet pour safety surface. This one is made from shreds of rubber and a compound called polyurethane. These kinds of surfaces can even grapple with excessive wear as well. This one’s a recyclable material and can be quite colourful and a real treat for the eyes.  
  • Synthetic turf is another surface that is sand-filled. Sand is said to be an excellent absorbent. That’s what makes this surface a hit amongst the kids. It’s one of the most cost-effective methods to provide complete comfort to the kids. It looks striking and allows water to pass through it. What’s more, is that layers of this turf are spread and that’s what makes them seamless.   

Having known enough about safety surfacing, time to know something about playgrounds. 

Various kinds of play equipment

Revolving plate for the kids

These plates are one of the favourites of the kids. These round plates are often in demand as one can see them in dazzling colours. As a parent, you needn’t worry about your kids as they are one of the safest equipment to play with. They can even be customised as per the demands of the kids. 

Multiplay way slides

They are the most attractive feature of any school playground equipment. Your kids can’t stay away from these slides for long once they spot them. These slides are made with the best quality raw material. Such slides can hold up to at least thirty kids at one time. It’s the best place for the kids to mingle with each other. Kids get to enhance their motor skills when they are on such slides. 

Monkey bars

You’ll often find kids hanging on these bars as there’s a customary notion that they get to increase their height. It’s a place where you get to see some healthy competition among the kids. You can notice increased grip among the kids. 

However, just make sure that the playground equipment is sound and durable. Safety is paramount for the kids and this equipment should be in accordance with the guidelines set by the government. Most importantly, the equipment should be installed in the area which is away from water or any other hazards. 

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