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Rolex – One of the Expensive Watch Brand


The name Rolex is synonymous with prestige. For those who are involved in the watch industry, Rolex is synonymous with expensive watches. The designer watches created by Rolex are not only expensive but are also elegant, exquisite and beautiful. There are many reasons why Rolex is so popular among celebrities and the general public alike.

Rolex first emerged on the scene in 1931 as an independent watch manufacturing company. The most prominent men at that time were Louis Cartier and Leonardo da Vinci. They were known for their expertise and style in watch making and so it was only natural that they would want to design watches that would reflect their style and expertise. Rolex has always been a brand that strives for innovation, creativity and originality and this has led to the brand’s long list of awards and recognition including the prestigious La Grande Dame de Paris. Rolex has also been worn by world renowned leaders in the fields of cinema, sports, politics and commerce.

In fact, Rolex has been the very essence of iconoclastic and eccentric personalities. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Winston Churchill and from Jimi Hendrix to Steve McQueen, Rolex has had its share of notorious celebrities and extremely famous people who have worn the most expensive rolex watches. However, Rolex has always been famous for its precision movements, its elegant designs and its sturdy construction.

The most expensive watch brands usually attract celebrities because of their ostentatious and gaudy designs. On the contrary, Rolex has a classy yet bohemian look because of its wide array of models, colors and materials. Most of the models and collections of Rolex have been inspired by its historical facts and its locations that add more spice to its urban mythos. For example, Rolex took inspiration from its time in Napoleon’s Grande Fleet when it created models that were modelled after the French king’s carriage. One of the most expensive watch brands in the world usually tend to be highly embellished and are crafted with exquisite craftsmanship.

Rolex proudly flaunts its twenty-year heritage and it is due to this reason that Rolex continues to amaze the fashion world. The Rolex collection includes both masculine and feminine divers and it is due to this reason that Rolex has created such diverse ranges. The most popular collections include the blue and the yellow gold Rolex Submariner, the seventeen-year Sky-Dweller Chronograph, the eighteen-year Chronograph Grandfather and the twenty-year Chronograph Vintage. With each model, Rolex has created innovative and captivating designs and all of them are made using the most up-to-date technology. Some of the most notable models include the Bucket, the Chronograph Submariner and the Vintage, eighteen-year Sky-Dweller Chronograph and the twenty-year Sky-Dweller Chronograph Vintage.

Another feature that Rolex has added to its watches is the datejust feature. It works by having a small button located at the end of the dial that functions as the date. This enables the user to see the date without having to press any button on the watch. In addition, Rolex manufactures some amazing models such as the Apollo 11 World Tour Reflection, the Apollo 15 Flight Data Timeline and the Apollo 16 Flight Data Timeline. Each model in this range has a chronograph section that is twenty six inches long.

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