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Reasons Why Mot Is Necessary?

Reasons Why Mot Is Necessary?

The performance and working of your vehicle are always a question that will be raised. If you are a regular motorist, then you must have appropriate knowledge about the operating stability of your car. The condition might be different if you recently bought a new car. It is said that when you drive your new automobile off the lot, the roadworthiness of your new car isn’t, or shouldn’t be, in the forefront of your mind. It is comparatively easier with a new vehicle since there is no damage in it.

But don’t you think buying a new automobile every few years might be expensive;? A better alternative is to get your vehicle serviced and have your MOT Test Redditch completed on time. This will keep your vehicle in good working order and keep it roadworthy.

MOT Test explained?

The MOT test is a government-regulated test that is performed to check the safety of your vehicle. It stands for the Ministry of Transport. It ensures that every vehicle running in the UK is roadworthy. To maintain a safer environment for driving, your vehicle needs to be accurate in working.

How Was the Mot Introduced?

The MOT test was first initiated by the European government many years ago. It was started as an initiative to control environmental pollution and road fatalities. To be more specific, it’s more like a car inspection in which the operating condition of all the safety components is examined.

Since the MOT test and car servicing are closely related, it created confusion for people. More than 50% of the motorists still do not know the difference between the two maintenance activities. Both the services are considered to be interrelated and very similar. Surprisingly the opposite is the truth.

The MOT test, on the other hand, is not the same as a service, and it does not examine the vehicle’s overall mechanical condition. Furthermore, the assessment is dependent on the vehicle’s current state; for example, if an MOT is passed, the pipes will not be conditioned six months later. You will have to keep up the condition of your vehicle with car service.

Parts like tyres, seat belts, brakes, suspension, doors, windows, windshield, and your car battery. Every vehicle older than three years must hold an annual valid MOT test certificate. If you have a car less than three years old, then you don’t have to take an MOT test until the third anniversary of its first registration is reached. You have to ensure that it is renewed every 12 months after that date.

Your MOT test is just an inspection of the various safety gears in the car while car service is the repair of those safety parts. No repair is done during the MOT test.

It is mandatory to take your exam because it is a government-mandated test that measures CO2 emissions from vehicles to prevent pollution. While a car service is not a government-mandated test, it is a car repair that must be performed regularly to keep your vehicle in good working order.

Why Does Your New Vehicle Doesn’t Need an Mot Test?

If you recently bought a new car, there is no legal requirement for undergoing an MOT test until 3 years. Once your car turns 3 years old, it starts getting damaged and it becomes important to check its roadworthiness. The day you go in for your vehicle’s MOT test, that will be the day of registration for upcoming years. After your first MOT, it will become a mandatory aspect for your vehicle’s safety test.

And if you ask why there is no need for an MOT check in the new vehicle. This is so because there is no sign of damage or issues in them. The tyres, engine, suspension, and all the safety gear will work perfectly. Though you might need to take time to time repair sessions. Getting your Car Service Redditch is an important part of proper care of your vehicle.

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