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Precautions Taken During LPG Leakages

LPG is a highly combustible fuel and spontaneously forms explosive air when exposed to atmospheric conditions. LPG vapors are heavier than air. LPG moves away from the source with density difference and accumulates in low-lying areas in an open environment.

LPG in liquid form causes cold burns when it gets contacted with skin or the eye. Even for a short time if you breathe LPG at high concentrations can cause faints and death. Inhaling LPG can irritate your nose and throat, also cause headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. It can also cause choking and fainting in a poorly ventilated environment.

First Aid

In case of LPG’s contact with the eye :

You must immediately wash your eyes with cold water for a minimum of 15 minutes. After washing, reach the nearest hospital for more treatment. 

In case of LPG’s contact through Respiration :

LPG when inhaled at high concentration can cause severe problems like arrhythmia. The person who has inhaled LPG must be taken to the open environment for fresh air and following which should be taken immediately to nearest health care.

Precautions to be taken during LPG Leakages :

Since it has a low flash point, LPG leakages may cause severe fire and explosions. If you detect LPG leakage through tanks or tubes then immediately shut the tube or tank valve thereby stopping the leakage.  

Remove all installations that might cause sparks. Make sure there is proper air circulation in the environment and also evacuate the persons there in the environment without creating any panic. Immediately call the fire department and the concerned company without delay.

In case of LPG leakage through tubes

One must act carefully knowing that a large amount of gas will form and this will be heavier than air. Avoid doing things that can cause burn by sparking. The gas formed accumulates near the bottom area and can be easily transported even to remote areas. When it finds a suitable environment and goes through deflagration, it can cause fire or explosion. 

 If the LPG leakage is found in closed areas like the room or kitchen, then make sure to have air circulation by opening windows and doors. In the worst situations, trained persons with protective clothing and breathing apparatus are called for rescue operations.

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