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Planning for a Guest Suite in Your Custom Home in Alberta: What Does It Take?

Perhaps you are a socially active person and often host parties and have guests overnight. And when you are building a new Alberta home, one of your main design considerations is to have an attractive guest room.

Experienced custom home builders Alberta can help you design a guest suite that not only looks appealing but is high on functionality as well. To make this happen, you can sit down with your builder and discuss your requirements.

But first, here are some tips to create the best guest nook in the house:

Focus on Your Guests’ Privacy
Remember that you are not just planning a spare room in the house that guests can use. Instead, dedicate a whole area for them with ample privacy. Meaning, you have to look at a quiet corner of the house rather than having the guest suite close to the dining area or children’s playroom.

Furthermore, it would help if the guest suite had a separate bathroom and an exterior view, such as your beautiful backyard. It fetches higher resale value, and if needed, you can rent out this entire section.

Keep It Airy and Bright
Adequate ventilation and lighting are must-haves if you want the residents to be happy and cheerful. While light bulbs, LEDs, and fans can do the job, they are not a match for sunlight and fresh breeze. Install skylights, high ceilings, and multiple windows to achieve this.

For added convenience, have several electrical outlets within their reach. These will give them the option to use a pedestal fan where they want or plug in their devices. Elegant bedside lamps and a small fridge will up the comfort levels.

Tip: You can invest in a cost-saving HVAC unit with intelligent controls that let you set different temperatures for every room. Called whole-house zoning, this system has a thermostat for each room, allowing your guests to choose their preferred settings.

Think of Their Storage Needs
Even if someone is staying with you for a couple of days, chances are, they have sturdy luggage with them. If there is no place to store their things, they may just leave their suitcases and bags on the floor. The room will look cluttered, and that is not a picture you had in mind while designing the guest suite.

Ask your custom home builders Alberta to install a closet with deep storage space. Have retractable or sliding cupboards or low benches with built-in racks. If the space permits, add a dresser and a sitting area so they can relax when not sleeping on the bed.

Other Factors to Consider
High-quality materials for beds, mattresses, and linen are a worthy investment and durable as well. Although these factors are not design-oriented, they are essential to keep your guests comfortable during their stay.

Likewise, having extra towels and napkins in the bathroom and the guest suite adds a classy touch. Another thing to note is the use of bright and beautiful accent colours that are soothing and peaceful.

Realize the Ideal Guest Suite with Custom Home Builders Alberta
Your custom home builders Alberta can help you design a beautiful guest suite that you are proud to flaunt. RareBuilt Homes has years of experience in bringing people’s visions to life. Our experts eliminate the need for re-work by ensuring that the project components are per your design input. Contact us to get started!

For more information about RareBuilt Homes Ltd and SW Townhouses For Sale Please visit: RareBuilt Homes Ltd.

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