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Places you should visit when you are in Vadodara

Imagine a city rich in history and culture. Sanskari Nagari is another name for Kala Nagari (City of Art). The seat of the erstwhile Baroda royal family, the Gaekwads, is located in a city noted for its regal heritage, majestic palaces, and the city’s regal past. Vadodara is all of these things and more, nestled gently on the banks of the gorgeous River Vishwamitri. What’s a fun fact you didn’t know? The city’s name comes from the abundance of Vad or Banyan trees that dot the landscape.

Finding the greatest locations to visit in Vadodara may be a royal pain in the neck at times. In most cases, a single visit is insufficient to capture the full ambience, flavours, and magical charm that pervades the historical city’s pores, winding alleys, and colourful and vibrant thoroughfares.

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Places you should visit when you are in Vadodara:

As previously said, Vadodara is home to some of Gujarat’s most important and well-known tourist sites. From palaces and temples to historical sites and cultural kaleidoscopes, you’ll find it all here! However, we’ve compiled a list of 6 must-see Vadodara attractions that you must not miss during your visit!

1. Lakshmi Vilas Palace:

The Lakshmi Vilas Palace, perhaps one of Vadodara’s most famous attractions, combines the splendour of monarchy with the nostalgia of bygone ages to create a captivating impression on tourists. With its charming European architecture and Belgian stained glass windows, the artistically built Durbar Hall will astound you.

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The sight is breathtaking, with Venetian mosaic flooring and multi-coloured marbles employed throughout the pillars and many other portions of the construction. The palace, which spans 700 acres, was previously the royal Gaekwad family’s official residence. If you haven’t seen the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, you haven’t experienced the regal atmosphere that Vadodara is known for.

2. Sayaji Baug:

If you’re feeling tired and in need of some comfort, Sayaji Baug is exactly what the doctor ordered. The lush foliage, beautiful lawns, and massive diversity of plants will be a true sensory overload! The park, named after Maharaja Sayajirao, was established on the riverfront in 1879 and spans 113 acres. During your excursions, you may stumble across hidden gems such as stunning Grecian statues, a Victorian-style bandstand, and even pristine deer wandering around the zoo.

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3. Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery:

The Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery, undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Vadodara, promises a fascinating glimpse into the city’s beating heart, as well as its historical past. The Tibetan arts in the picture gallery are well-known, and most of them are from Sayajirao’s personal collection!

More shocks await you in the Zoology area, where you’ll find a 22-meter-long blue-whale skeleton. If you’re a bibliophile, the library, with its mind-boggling collection of 23,000 volumes and journals, is another terrific spot to make fantastic discoveries.

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4. Sursagar Talav:

Are you looking for something weird, almost like something out of a movie? The massive Shiva monument and majestic Trishul rising from the brilliant blue waters of the lake have the same impact on individuals, leaving you in a meditative trance. The overall atmosphere promotes calm, and you can practically feel the presence of divinity washing away your worries while the surrounding flora and greenery heal your spirit. Sursagar Talav is a unique attraction because it is an artificial lake (hard to imagine!) with boating and other activities.

5. Kirti Mandir:

Kirti Mandir is a magnificent temple complex dedicated largely to Lord Shiva and is without a doubt one of the top locations to see in Vadodara (especially for spiritual-minded guests). The architecture and design of this temple, which was also built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad in 1936, will mesmerise you. It is regarded as a cenotaph for the forefathers of the Baroda royal family and is affectionately known as the Temple of Fame.

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The Shikhara depicts the moon, sun, and earth, as well as an Indian map from before Partition. Everything is bronze carved. Explore the Kirti Mandir’s interesting mysteries and marvel at the stunning murals etched into the edifice.

6. Qutbuddin Hajira:

Vadodara is more than simply lovely palaces and immaculate temples. It is also known for the legend of Emperor Akbar’s general Qutbuddin Muhammed Khan. In 1586, Qutbuddin Hajira had a tomb built in his honour. Take in the magnificently built monument set within lush vegetation and wide lawns, and feast your eyes on the intriguing carvings and Jaali work. To say the least, the patterns on the windows and arches will attract your eye right away!

Experience the best of Mughal architecture, while the historic step-well adjacently adds to the old-world enchantment, where you can be sure to get a Kodak moment (click a picture or two).

These are the top 6 places you shouldn’t miss when you are in Vadodara. Vadodara will give you a royal atmosphere, full of nostalgia, collonaded history, captivating architecture, museums, healing spirituality, and culture.

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