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Philadelphia and Washington DC Historic Triangle

Philadelphia and Washington DC Historic Triangle

Historic Triangle: This tour of America’s east coast starts in Philadelphia, the cradle of the USA. The city along the Delaware River was the capital of the nation’s young age from 1790 until 1800 and was the largest city with the English language in the world, following London. The most important structures of the time gathered inside The Independence National Historical Park. It is believed that the Declaration of Independence was written by the president of Independence Hall on July 4th, 1776; just prior to that, the Liberty Bell rang on July 8th.

In the year 1800, the US government relocated away from Philadelphia to Washington constructed artificially out of the ground further to the south. The city that was planned on the drawing board is still inspiring you to this day by its distinctive architecture, including the Capitol and its White House and the many monuments that line the 4.8 kilometers long National Mall. A trip to the historical Alexandria just to the south of downtown is definitely worth it!

Our pirate tip: The National Mall lined with the most famous museums of the Smithsonian Institute. They are certainly worth visiting, and admission is free. Stop by the National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of American History, or the Museum of Natural History.

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Fascinated by Period

If you fascinated by this period of the US Civil War in the 19th century. You would be able to quickly visit the most well-known images of the period from Washington. And beyond, such as those of the battlegrounds at Manassas as well as Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania. Or the town of Appomattox in which General Lee eventually signed an agreement to surrender the southern part of his army.

The three locations Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown in Virginia. Known as The Historic Triangle, where this tour comes to an end. A most important European settlement established at Jamestown from 1607 to 1607; a replica of it can seen in the present. The last fight during the Revolutionary War took place in Yorktown. And celebrated by a museum. That is worth visiting, as well as Williamsburg served as the capital city of the nation’s young people for a brief period. There is also entertainment available: Busch Gardens amusement park. And Water County water park in Williamsburg are only two of the numerous alternatives for a day of relaxation.

Take a trip around the east coast of the United States by taking a beach break? Of course! You can book a ride like as boston logan car service or else.

All Historic Triangle of the US’s east coasts filled with famous beaches. In the south, it the season to bathe all year throughout the year. And in the north, you are forced to stick to summer. And private beaches in which you will not meet any other soul. The best resorts along the sea that span from the north and south


  • Cape Cod: Unending beaches of sand await you to the south of Boston, Book a car service from Boston for such as the beaches of Chatham, Brewster, or Hyannis. If you’re able to bring the change, you’ll be able to stay near political. And Hollywood stars on the famed island Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Coney Island: The well-known city beach in New York is not for long-term beach holidays; however, it is perfect for those who need to finish their journey with a full couple of hours of rest at the beach within close proximity to the subway. 
  • Atlantic City: The former “Las Vegas of the East Coast” is still a source of the fame that lost. But better suited for a one-day trip. Asbury Park, where many US stars like Bruce Springsteen started their careers and also found Jersey Shore Sound, Bruce Springsteen started his career and founded Jersey Shore Sound, is more appealing for music lovers.
  • Virginia Beach: It is possible to complete your tour of the historical triangle of Virginia by spending a few days in the well-maintained seaside area in Virginia Beach. Unending sandy beaches, shops, amusement parks, and the peace in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge awaits you in this area.
  • Myrtle Beach: 60 miles of unbroken sandy beaches, “The Grand Strand.” In the middle, the resort on the coast in Myrtle Beach offers everything a tourist would want in a holiday, such as large shopping malls, numerous amusement parks, as well as a wide variety of water activities.
  • Hilton Head Island situate within Savannah between Savannah and Charleston and renowned for its clean beaches and cultural activities.

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