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Oriental Herb Company

I can recall the first time someone handed me a bottle of COLD SNAP: I was managing a restaurant in Boulder Colorado in 2001 and starting to feel the early signs of a cold i told a co-worker, who gave me her almost-empty bottle of COLD SNAP take two and Starting to feel the early signs of a cold, I told a co worker who gave me her almost empty bottle of COLD SNAP “Take two capsules every twenty minutes until the rest of the bottle is gone. You feel fine tomorrow “she was right I did i was highly ” impressed at the effectiveness and other loyal fan was born. Over the next few years I went on to get master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder upon graduation i sought a job with the company i had always though of as “The Cold Snap Company” The Cold Snap Company I don’t think i had worked there more than a few months when the idea or hope of eventually owning the business cropped up. I feel honored and blessed that it worked out and i can’t wait to see what the future brings for OHCO. https://www.ohco.com/

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