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Organic Cough Syrup – A Healthy Alternative

Organic Kids Mucus Cough syrup is made with healthy whole food, probiotic natural ingredients to soothe sore throats and eliminate the nasty stuff (phlegm and mucus) from your baby’s nose and airways. It also takes advantage of Mother Nature’s unique recipe that mixes ginger, thyme, and Rosemary to thin out and loosen irritating mucus and add valuable immune boosting ingredients to help soothe quickly and improve respiratory health. USDA certified organic, Matys organic cough syrup is a real, true alternative to chemical laden traditional cures.

organic cough syrup

Organic cough syrup can help soothe the symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis, which can be triggered by airborne irritants like pollen, dust, or pet dander. It is especially helpful when it comes to alleviating inflammation caused by viral infections. The ingredients are all natural and have been used for centuries to soothe ailments of all types. It’s no wonder organic cough syrup has become so popular. In fact, its popularity continues to grow with every passing year.

The unique combination of ginger, thyme, Rosemary, oregano, and probiotics have been shown to fight inflammation and relieve congestion in many parts of the body. When you have a cold or sore throat, it is common to reach for an over the counter or prescription cough syrup. However, synthetic products carry the potential for serious side effects. Research has shown that using such products can cause vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea and in some cases may cause death.

Instead of settling for store-bought organic cough syrup, why not make your own? It really isn’t that difficult to do and it doesn’t require a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. All you need is an easy to use homeopathic mixture that includes a variety of whole food ingredients. These organic ingredients have been shown to provide relief from colds, flu symptoms, sinus headaches, and other ailments. For example, the organic cough syrup contains peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, and lemon balm. Other organic ingredients that work to combat illness include cypress, red pepper, juniper berry, and slippery elm.

When you make your own organic cough syrup, you get to choose the variety of ingredients that you want. You can choose whole foods that help prevent illness or select those that promote healing. The great thing about making organic cough syrup at home is that you don’t have to use complicated or expensive syrups. You can also experiment with different recipes to determine which ones provide the best results. In addition, most of these organic cough syrup recipes are simple to prepare since they usually only contain one ingredient.

You might be asking yourself, what makes organic cough syrup so different from store bought brands? Most store brands typically contain harmful chemicals and additives that can irritate the lining of your lungs. As a result, you may experience difficulty in breathing and wheezing as well as increased risks of developing pneumonia and other lung diseases. To make sure that you and your family stay healthy, organic cough syrup is the healthier choice. However, you should still read labels to avoid buying anything containing chemicals and additives.

As you experiment with organic cough syrup recipes, you’ll likely discover that fruits such as cherries, grapes, and pears provide a natural sweet taste that works well with tea and coffee. In addition, you may find that citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit provide a sharp taste that works well with many foods. You may also discover that herbal teas work well with the product. The reason is that organic cough syrup works well when blended with the right ingredients.

If you’ve been buying store brands for years, it’s time to try an organic brand. With its natural sugar content, organic cough syrup is an excellent alternative for those who wish to enjoy a sugar-free drink throughout the day. Furthermore, organic cough syrup provides a great way to get vitamins and minerals into your body in a convenient syrup bottle. It’s a great option for consumers who don’t want to deal with chemicals or additives in their everyday life.

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