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Major and Key features that your Fax server solution must have

Similar to many other VoIP solutions, the popularity and demand of a fax server solution have also been increased. A fax server solution, also known as FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol), is an easy to use solution and it overcomes all challenges related to the traditional fax machine and faxing process. In addition to that, a fax server solution also meets the legislation and compliances of faxing. Therefore, it is a perfect solution one can use to meet his or her faxing needs. Due to all these reasons and several advantages offered by a fax server solution, many companies and organizations have started using this software.

If you are also thinking to get a FoIP software solution for your business, then you must know which are the must have features in this software. In the market, there are many solutions available and you can get one depending on your needs. However, there are some features, which are must haves. Therefore, you must check about those features before buying a FoIP solution.

This article, highlights the major and key features that your fax server solution must have.

1. Web based user panel

The beauty of using any VoIP solution is the ease of use and it cannot be ignored. Many companies offering a fax server solution only provide email to fax support. They do not provide a web based user panel to use an array of features that supports eFaxing. It is necessary to have this panel as it simplifies the usage of this software. All features can be easily used by the panel, which would get difficult to use in an email client. Therefore, make sure that your fax server solution offers a web based user panel.

2. Header customization

In many cases, employees need to customize the header of a fax file. If your FOIP software does not support this, then it can increase manual efforts. Also, in some cases, it will become cumbersome to add a header. Many advanced fax server solutions offer header customization features and your solution should also offer the same.

3. Fax formatting options

Changing the cover page, making color fax to send, etc. are necessary features and a fax server solution supports all of these. Check with your vendor if your FoIP software supports fax formatting options or not before buying the software.

4. Email notifications

One of the major advantages of using a fax server solution over a traditional faxing system is that you can get the status of the sent fax. Advanced fax over internet protocol solution will give the sent status of the fax, which can be anyone out of the following:

  • Success
  • Failure
  • In-queue

Even when you will receive a fax, there will be a status update, called, “New fax receipt”. Your fax server solution should support email and web notifications to keep you updated about the fax files. The advanced fax server solution will send email notifications about the fax status, so if you are buying a fax server solution, make sure it supports email notifications related to the faxes.

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