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Legal Documents – When a Translation is Needed

If one asks a translator in Singapore “what is a legal document?”, then one may receive a wide variety of answers. This is because it does not depend on what the document is, but rather on whether a court requires it for whatever purpose needs to be fulfilled. It can be documents that prove one’s identity (passports, birth certificates), or documents that prove ownership of something (contracts, deed papers). A lot of these are typical documents that any translator will see while going about their typical tasks of certified translations for Singaporean clients. It is only when a document is needed in court where it becomes a legal document, and thus may then require a legal translation service.

Of course, typically the legitimacy of a legal document will be ensured during the original creation of it, as you will already be advised by a professional authorized to advise and instruct in legal matters. They will ensure that the document and its details fulfil the requirements to qualify for use in legal situations. However, a situation may arise where you will need a particular legal document to be in a different language, such as a Chinese company contract to be used in an English-speaking courtroom. At such times, your best course of action would be to seek out a certified translation company in Singapore, especially one that offers legal translations.

Fortunately, if you have already found a translation provider that is legitimate and they provide legal translations as well, then you can be doubly sure of the quality of their work. Among translation services such as notarized translations and PR application translation, a company that is able to perform legal translations already demonstrates that its translators have a broad reach and precise accuracy of meaning. After all, a legal translator is not simply someone who knows two different languages. In order to be qualified for this role, someone must also be significantly familiar with laws, their strict requirements, and with complex legal terms in both languages. Of course, any translation company that provides document translation services in Singapore will ensure that any of their translators assigned to the task of legal translations will also have the official qualifications required for such work.

When a document is required for a legal purpose, it will be subjected to strong scrutiny, perhaps even more so when it is translated from a different language. In such a case, you will want the highest-quality legal translation to best serve your interests, and to receive those services, you will want to rely on a certified translation company in Singapore.

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