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Journey of a Cylinder from Production to Home

Gas Cylinder

As a customer, when we think about a gas cylinder, the only thing that pops to mind is dangerous utility equipment. It is imbibed in us that the household gas cylinder is very dangerous and consciously handled. But if we go deep into the topic and see the journey of a cylinder from manufacturer to being a distributor for sending out as gas cylinder home delivery, we can see how many multiple checks and measures are taken to make it risk-free.

Starting from its manufacturing, all the items involved like body, valve, gaskets, handle, base, nozzle, etc. all are governed by standards pin-pointing the process, tests, and quality to be used. After the manufacturing, the bottling plant takes up the initiative to fill in the pressurizing gas. Then there are multiple leak tests performed before the cylinder goes to the despatch section. Then the periodic test date and expiry dates of the cylinder are stamped on, before despatching it out of the facility. In the same facility, the used cylinders also turn up to be refilled. But before the refilling process, a series of processes are performed to check the healthiness of the cylinder. Firstly, depressurization and de-valving,  internal and external cleaning, external visual inspection, checking of the internal conditions, an inspection of cylinder neck, the hydrostatic stretch test is performed followed by inspection of the valve and other accessories. Then if any of the consumables are worn out, it is immediately replaced. Any cylinder that fails any of the tests is immediately flattened and cut into pieces. None of the rejected cylinders can be refabricated, hence special care is taken during their disposal. After all these checks and quality procedures the filled gas cylinder makes its way to the distributor’s godown where it waits for the customer’s order.

And here the customer is sitting oblivious to the fact that such a long process for gas filling is taking place. He is sitting thinking of ordering a refill of the emptied gas cylinder and then picks up the phone to book. These days due to the boom of the internet and the use of smartphones it has become very convenient to book a refill online. The customer uses this convenient tool and orders a gas refill. The gas cylinder from the godown is readied for the delivery and finally, the delivery agent takes the gas cylinder for home delivery and takes out the used one for a refill. And again the journey begins.

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