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What is the IVF Success Rate in India and How to Increase it?

IVF success rates

IVF success rate in India lies between 30% to 35%. This may be higher or lower in some conditions. It depends upon many factors that’s why the success rates may vary from person to person. Here the chances of failure are higher than the chances of success. It sounds scary. But don’t worry, millions got succeed then why not you?

Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate

As I have said earlier, the success rate of IVF depends upon various factors. Number one and the most crucial factor is the doctor. Doctor’s expertise and experience play a huge role in IVF success. Good doctors charge big money for treatment. But if you are in search of a great doctor who provides affordable treatment, you can contact Dr Namita Kotia. She works at Aastha Fertility Care which provides treatment at affordable IVF cost in Jaipur city of Rajasthan, India.

Age is another big factor. IVF success rates vary by age. According to a study, the IVF success rate under 35 is higher than patients above 35. As the person gets older, his body keeps losing performance which decreases the success rate. So if you are planning to go for IVF, go as young as possible. Don’t waste years in the planning, take action fast.

Nowadays, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is also getting popular in India. In this process, doctors directly inject the sperm into the cytoplasm of an egg. After injecting, the combination develops into an embryo. Many clinics are following this because it increases the IVF success rate.

The IVF success rate of any patient also depends upon the type of problem. The success rate of IVF is different for different people according to their fertility issues. 

Patients with some minor issues have higher chances of success comparatively other with significant problems. To know the real success chances, a patient must consult a good doctor. Doctors tell the exact figures based on the real data of medical reports.

How Can You Increase Your IVF Success Rate?

Everybody wants immediate success. I know all want to increase the success rate to get results as early as possible. There is no magic that you can follow and increase your success rate. But there are some things that you can do to impact your IVF success rate positively.

Make Your Body Fit and Active

Do some regular workouts. It can be anything like a little bit of cardio or yoga. It is better to do the exercise of your choice. Doing everyday activities makes your body fit & active, which directly or indirectly increases the IVF success rates. Nobody wants to have a boring workout session, but it is crucial for your good health.

Stay Away from Harmful Things

It would be best to avoid all kinds of harmful things like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. We suggest you make a distance from all these things for at least a few months. Following this habit will give you results and increase your IVF success rate.

Follow a Good Diet

Your body needs proper nutrition to work at its best level. You should be very aware while eating. Your eating habits will define your IVF success rates. We suggest you consult your doctor and make a proper diet chart. Your doctor will tell you about every nutrient beneficial for your health to increase the success rate.

Don’t Ejaculate

Don’t ejaculate at least 3 to 4 days before sperm donation. Doing this will help increase the sperm count. Quality sperm help to increase the IVF success rate. We also suggest you not have sex before 3 to 4 days of donation.

Be Patient and have Faith

If failed more, IVF can be a long term process. You should have the patience to have treatment regularly. Having faith in God or anything you believe will give you confidence that you will get success one day. It sounds very dramatic, but it can help your mental well being and increase your IVF success rate.

Final Words

Thanks for reading till here. I hope here you know the IVF success rates in India. We have taken this success rate according to the new statistics of 2021, so you can rely on it. If you want to know your accurate chances of success, then we suggest you to visit a good IVF center like Aastha Fertility Care. Every day, we are getting new technology that makes the process easier and decreases the chances of failure. Hope this technology will become more better in future.

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