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Hyderabadi Pickle – Why Hyderabadi Pickles Are a Cut Above the Rest

Hyderabadi Pickle is one of the famous traditional dishes from Hyderabad. The dishes have their own significance in the Indian culture. From being a small community in the city, the Hyderabadi people spread their unique culture throughout the country. They are famous for their Hyderabadi Biryani, Hyderabadi Masala, Hyderabadi Tandoori and other delicacies.

Hyderabadi Pickle is made with the finest mangoes, onions and spices. Made using the best mangoes, chives and other fresh spices, the flavors of this tasty pickle would surely enhance just about any dish. You could also sprinkle a little salt over the fruit while preparing the pickle. You could even dip it in oil and season it the way you want. While cooking, you could also add a little spoon of yogurt to complement the dish.

The main ingredients of the pickle are onions, garlic, tamarind, salt and green chilies. There are several techniques that are followed in the preparation of this pickle. First of all, a good thick layer of the paste is spread on the heated bricks or casserole dish and then it is left to cool. This is so because the heat from the stones helps evaporate all the moisture and the pickle does not dry out. Hyderabadi Pickle

Then the tamarind powder is added in order to thicken the pickle. Tamarind is also added in order to enhance the flavor as well as the color of the dish. The tamarind also serves as an agent to enhance the shelf life of the mango. If you use too much tamarind, the mango pulp starts to oxidize and this will spoil the taste of the mango. The more tamarind you put, the more the shelf life of the mango will last.

The next step in the preparation of the pickle is to cut the mango into pieces. Then a piece of mustard seeds is put in each piece of the mango and they are roasted until they pop out. The mango pieces are then ground and mixed with salt and water. After this, it is thoroughly mixed with water. When the ingredients are mixed, it is baked in an oven at 300 degrees.

The Hyderabadi pickle is rich in taste and you will find many people consuming this without any hesitation. This is because it contains a lot of calories. However, the tamarind and the green chilies do not provide much of a calorie content. This is because they contain a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. In fact, they are so rich in nutrients that they can even replace the vitamin C in your body.

If you are wondering what makes tamarind such a popular drink especially in Southern India, you should know that the answer is its taste. This is because the tamarind has a unique and distinct taste which is quite different from other fruits. The tamarind flavor is bitter and its aftertaste is really sour. However, this does not make it unlikable. On the contrary, it is actually very easy to swallow and digest. This is the main reason why the tamarind drink has been a part of Indian cuisine since centuries.

Hyderabadi pickles are a good example of how you can make an ordinary dish look delicious. You just need to use fresh fruits instead of the traditional white ones and you can have a pickle in no time. In fact, it is not difficult to prepare this kind of pickle as it can be done in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to dry the green chilies, remove the seeds and then cook them in a little oil. Once they are done, you can serve them with rice or dosa.

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