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How You Can Reduce the Corporate Taxes Using simple practices?

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Corporate tax
(CT) is the amount that is paid through limited corporation companies, foreign corporations with local branches as well as other profit-making entities that are not incorporated on profits from trading or gains on investments, as well as the selling of assets. The VAT on corporations is 19%. However, according to the budget, which was announced on 3 March 2021 the chancellor has declared an increase in the overall amount to 25% beginning in April 2023.

Companies that earn less than PS50,000 in profits would be 19.5% and it will increase in proportion to the profit until PS250,000 beyond which rate is 25 per cent. A company with an income of PS250,000 will be paid PS47,500 at 19 percent of CT in 2020-21.

This is already significant, however, in 2023-24 the tax on the exact amount will increase further to PS57,500. The amount of money that flows out to the corporation tax bill can be a significant problem for small-scale business owners to pay closer focus to. Let’s look at government reliefs and suggestions compiled by our knowledgeable accountants which can decrease your corporation’s tax burden while still maximizing tax efficiency.

Patent Box Tax Relief: How to Claim?

Patent Box is a form of tax relief that encourages companies to store their intellectual property in the UK and to use the property for commercial purposes. Businesses that make money by patented inventions are under less CT percentage, i.e. 10 percent. Companies can choose to patent boxes if they want to lower their CT cost. However, certain conditions must be met:

  • The corporation should be responsible to pay the tax invoice
  • Its earnings should come from the use of patentable assets
  • The company is the owner of exclusive rights to patents that are licensed in,
  • The company has conducted qualification development for the patents

After a patent has been granted, in order to be included to receive tax benefits, the business must prove that it has conducted qualifying research and development in order to qualify for the patent i.e. it has contributed significantly in the creation or the development of the patent product or to a component of the patent.

Claiming Creative Industry Tax Relief

Companies that qualify to receive Creative Industry Relief receive an increase in their permissible company expenses. i.e. they may claim relief that is greater than the normally permitted capital allowance limit. A business can claim relief if:

  • Tax-deductible for corporations
  • Actively engaged in the creation of high-end television, films and children’s video games, television musical performances, theatrical shows museums or galleries exhibits
  • Participate in the decision-making process
  • in direct negotiations, contracts, and contracts directly for rights, products, and services.

In addition, to be eligible for assistance under Creative Industry Relief, every one of films, programs and games must be accredited as British. They must be able to pass the cultural test to be certified through British Film Institute. British Film Institute.

Claim Your Allowable Expenses Timely

This is the most effective method of limiting your corporation’s tax And VAT liability, i.e. keeping track of every expense for your business and using them to minimize profits from which tax obligation for the corporation is due. According to HMRC the tax authority, for a business expenditure being tax-deductible it must be used exclusively and solely to be used by the company. Limited firms must keep documents for at least six years.

Beyond the requirements of being solely and completely for business’, the fairness and the reasonableness of business expenses could be analyzed by HMRC prior to approval. Certain business expenses may be claimed with certainty for certain expenses, including salary, equipment costs and assets as well as the expense of disposal of assets employees’ expenses as well as professional and legal fees paid for professional licenses, entertainment expenses utility bills, etc.

Payment of Due Tax And VAT:

Taxpaying and VAT early for corporation tax does not just protect businesses from penalties for late submission and other charges, but it also generates interest income. HMRC is liable for interest due to late payment of corporation tax i.e. “credit interest”. The interest rate is 0.5 percent over the time that runs from when tax is due for repayment until the due date. The earliest time you could receive interest is the period of six months plus 13 days following the beginning of your business’s accounting period.

Let’s say your accounting period commences on the 1st of February in 2020 and concludes on the 31st of January in 2021. the window for tax payments to your corporation runs from the 13th month of August in 2020 (6 months and 13 days from the beginning of the accounting period of your business) until 1 . November 2021 (HMRC’s deadline). You can earn interest for the time period from 13 August and 1 November 2021.

NOTE: The interest earned by early payments in corporation taxes is income for the company and must be treated as such to tax purposes.
Where You Can Find Tax and VAT Services:

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Final Discussion:

The advice and assistance offered by the federal government for certain areas to help you reduce corporate tax are quite complex and require expert guidance. Businesses that want to lower their corporate tax obligation must be diligent in recording every expense and filing them as soon as they are able to.

Companies should be constantly alert to the ever-changing tax system and the exclusion and inclusion of certain sectors from reliefs funded by the government to ensure they do not miss the opportunity that reduces tax and VAT. Our experienced accountants in Pakistan provide services to businesses throughout the UK and help clients save on tax by using innovative solutions and industry-specific knowledge. Provide you best VAT Services.

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