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How To Wear an Elegant Piece of Black Fur Trim Coat Casually

There’s something really inviting about a black fur trim coat. It’s the perfect thing happening between casual and haute couture. And with the fur trimmings embellishing the garment, anyone wearing this piece of outerwear, especially if the trimmings are that of fox fur material—is an instant epitome of luxury and elegance. A black coat with fur trimmings is perfect for those women who come from money that refuses to look over-the-top while being draped with warmth and money. With winter clothes that often look baggy and feel heavyweight, a black coat with fur trimmings is a breath of fresh air. These kinds of coats are especially lightweight and exquisite.

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Mankind has long been wearing fur even before they were crafted into different designs and dyed with other colors for variance. Before anything else, fur provides warmth and is also ultimately durable which practically makes them an heirloom. In high fashion, every woman is encouraged to wrap themselves with the most gorgeous fur coat in town. Anyone can actually go out without their jewels or even pocket money handy but not without fur. It’s not just a piece of fine garment crafted to wrap around your in times of frigid winter weather, but it is also a symbol of wealth and status. We have carefully curated a few fur trim coat pieces and how you can generally style them.

Reversible Rabbit Coat With Fox Trim Hood
This coat is a perfect ten for someone looking to buy their first black fur trim coat at a reasonable price. Most of all, this coat is reversible to polyester which makes it ideal for someone who’s going for a sporty look. Perfect for your daily trips to the office, this black coat with fur trim can be worn over a delicate white blouse and a pair of black or brown tailored trousers. To finish the look, you can also choose a nice pair of beige pumps that creates longer legs which ultimately makes you look a lot taller.

Sheared Mink Reversible Coat with Chinchilla Trim
By now, you should have known which fur material is famous for its expensive purchase price apart from sable—mink. It’s incredible how regal this beautiful black mink coat with chinchilla trim is. If you are familiar with the ever classic Lily van der Woodsen from the famous American teen drama television series, Gossip Girl, you’ll know that she can certainly rock this black fur coat. Perfect for casual shopping or a coffee date outfit maybe, this black mink coat with chinchilla trim can be worn with your silky white jumpsuit. Put on a pair of beige pumps and you’re set.

Sheared Mink Coat with LH Mink Trim
No proper words can describe how gorgeous this sheared black mink coat is. But we will try. It is just the perfect embodiment of elegance and sheer class for a fine woman. You can virtually wear anything underneath this piece of black mink coat without bothering what color would look great. But for the purpose of giving you an idea of which wardrobe basic blends perfectly with this coat, you can wear any neutral-colored top you like so long as it is long-sleeved. Throw on a pair of white skinny pants and a pair of black Chelsea boots and you’re good to go.

Good news! These coats are now on sale at Maximilian, on top of that, you can also call their customer service number 800-TLC-FURS for ideas on how to store your fur coat properly after winter. Get your finest black fur coat from Maximilian today.

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