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How To Wear A Timeless Fur Overcoat

Consider typing “women’s overcoats” into Google and you’ll see how the choices can be quite intimidating. From trench coats to classic fur coats, you’ll find that the next investment you are going to buy is something that will seriously go with everything. One that is as timeless as it is elegant no matter where you wear it and what you wear underneath it.

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When picking the perfect overcoat, you want it to tick all the boxes that make it a “money-back guarantee”. It should be posh, warm, and above all comforting. It should be something that’s perfect to wear on your way to the office and maybe on a brunch date for the weekend. And if you don’t want to feel like looking “too much” it should be made with something that’s not too expensive as opposed to its other fur counterparts. Dressed up or down, bundling up with a genuine fur overcoat is always phenomenal every time you head out for the day. If you have excellent outerwear like the ones we’ve curated below, you can always throw it on over the most basic outfit, and bam—all of a sudden you’re the perfect embodiment of a femme à la mode.

Reversible Rabbit Coat With Fox Trim Hood
If you’re aiming for a proper chic outfit, partner up a black Rabbit Coat With Fox Trim Hood with a white jumpsuit. Compliment this look with a pair of camel ankle boots and the whole outfit will effortlessly come together. You could also pair a black Rabbit Coat With a Fox Trim Hood with leopard skinny pants for a dash of snazzy effect.

Wool Blend Jacket With Fox Trim
This is ultimately perfect for anything seven days a week! It has the flawlessness of feminine touch accompanied by a strong independent attitude. Try teaming a Wool Blend Jacket With Fox Trim together with a pair of your old high-waisted skinny blue jeans. Compliment this style with a black long-sleeved turtle neck and a pair of black ankle boots for a snappy yet classic woman in you.

Wool Blend Coat With Detachable Fox Collar
If you’re feeling a bit bold, try teaming up your wool blend fur coat over a beige sweater dress. Complete the look with black tights and a pair of black ankle boots. Finish it up with a nice hair bun, a black cat’s eye sunglasses, and a black purse for a smart and classic modern woman ensemble.

Fox Trimmed Coat
Are you feeling sporty with a pint of ritzy today? Put on a nice Fox Trimmed Coat if you’re still saving up for that nice genuine fur overcoat. You can always complete it with a black long-sleeved turtle neck, a pair of black skinny jeans, and knee-high black boots for an urban outfitter look.

Grooved Sheared Mink Coat With Mink Trim
This could be quite a sizable purchase but the beauty is oh-so-worth it. It’s better if your grooved mink coat comes in pearl white color so you could fabulously dress it up casually. Think of a fine white blouse and a pair of tailored pants. Finish up the look with ankle-high black leather boots and a gorgeous do for refinement with a sophisticated spin.

The last fur material might be the only high-priced item on our list. But the rest of the above will only cost you less than two thousand dollars. For a good price, you’ll be able to own a classic piece of outerwear if you’re still saving up for a sable or mink fur overcoat.

Check out Maximilian and their generous collection of fine genuine fur pieces or you can also call them for inquiries at 800-TLC-FURS.

For more information about Bloomingdales Fur and Rabbit Fur Accessories Please visit: Maximilian/BC International Group, Inc.

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