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How To Wear A Black Fur Vest for Women Without Looking Extra

Cold weather won’t seem like a total bummer if you know the right layers to wear. Despite the palpable frigid conditions, with the proper outerwear, you can still get to where you should be—warm and snazzy.

Genuine fur overcoats are great at keeping you warm and extra at the same time but they are typically heavy and can sometimes hinder mobility. So, if you’re wondering how to warm yourself up in winter or spring, you should definitely try on a black fur vest for women or just any fur vests in general.

Fur vests are great for when you still want to look snug while enabling free movement especially if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere for the day. The “art of layering” can be daunting particularly if you don’t know which outerwear would go with your closet staples. You want to be comfortable and at the same time look stylish, it could be tricky, considering that furs are widely known to be massive and unflattering (for those who don’t know how to wear them) at times.

With fur vests, you won’t have a problem with how to look nice on a wintry Monday morning anymore. If you’re heading to the office for the day, you can always throw on a nice piece of black fur vest for women, pair it with some of your fabulous accessories and you are all set! This is the easiest way to look glamorous and classic in bitterly cold weather. Below are some carefully curated ways on how to pair a fur vest to keep warm and look snug in cold weather.

Reversible Sheared Mink & Sable Section Vest
When we talk about sable fur, we talk about luxury. And if it’s all the more tailored with mink, it’s the epitome of a beautiful haute couture. For those who can spot sable and mink fur from a close distance, they’ll definitely conclude that you come from money due to the fact that, sable and mink fur comes in a quite sizeable purchase. If you don’t want to look over the top with your black sable and mink fur vest, you can always pair this with your basic long-sleeved top and a nice pair of tattered jeans. Maybe you’re going out on a coffee date? Finish the look with a pair of black stilettos and a black clutch bag.

Short Mink Vest
Mink fur is one of the most loved genuine furs in the country. Getting yourself a nice piece of mink vest is an effective way of saying that you are a strong independent woman without actually saying it. For a more casual effect on a beautiful yet chilly weekend, wear a pair of black skinny jeans. Over your gorgeous mahogany-colored mink vest are a denim shirt and a green sweater. Finish the look with fabulous knee-high brown leather boots.

Sheared Mink Section Reversible Vest
If you want to channel your inner Lily van der Woodsen for a more sophisticated and in control look, get yourself a genuine piece of black sheared mink vest. And wear it over your white long-sleeved jumpsuit. This look is perfect for those working women who have no time for drama and would love to just get things done right away.

And just what Anna Wintour used to say, “There’s always a way to wear fur.” No matter what color your fur vest may be, whether it’s black or mahogany, you can never go wrong with a timeless piece of genuine fur. Get your mahogany or black fur vest for women from Maximilian today!

For more information about Long Haired Mink Coat and The Fur Vault Please visit: Maximilian/BC International Group, Inc.

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