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How to tag someone on Instagram: the step-by-step guide

How to tag someone on Instagram

The best thing about IG is that you can not only do marketing, but it is a social media platform literally built on the opportunity to create a community. You can buy Australian Instagram followers for making your community larger and beneficial.

So, Instagram is marketing, but it is also about a network in which you can expand your social circle, connect with new people, and create a network of followers, friends, new clients and more.

Now what is the best way to achieve this community? One strategy can be to tag people in your posts, comments, and stories.

Tagging someone on Instagram, then, is not just about being sociable, but about transforming the app into a collective experience. When you tag someone, the user receives a notification (unless it’s a private account that tags a non-follower, in which case the process doesn’t work).

Don’t worry if you are new to Instagram and this sounds strange or complicated to you: in this guide you will find everything you need to know step by step. In this way, you will quickly understand how to tag someone on Instagram, be it in a post, a story or in a comment, effectively. Here we go!

How to tag someone on Instagram: what you need to know

When you tag a user on IG, what you do is stamp their name on a post. Then, the platform will notify them of this action. Fortunately, the process is very simple, although there are different ways to tag someone (as we said before, in a post, a story, or a comment), and therefore the procedures can vary a bit.

Keep reading and you will find detailed explanations of how to tag your followers, friends and any user of this social network in the way that seems best to you.

How to tag someone in an Instagram story

Instagram stories have become increasingly popular on this platform, and you can take advantage of that to increase your exposure on this social network. For example, you can tag anyone and increase both your exposure and your engagement. The only thing you should keep in mind is that this message will disappear in 24 hours. Follow these steps and tag whoever you want in your story:

  • Enter the application and look for the icon that represents a camera to upload your story (surely you already know how to do it!).
  • You can choose to upload a photo or video or take it right away.
  • Touch the photo to upload and start typing a name. To tag someone, you must first put the “@” symbol and then choose the desired person.
  • There is also the option of using a sticker called “mention” and writing the username to tag there.
  • Ready! Keep in mind that if you tag someone, both you and the person you mentioned will receive a notification from Instagram. Remember that the maximum number of tags to use per story is 10.

How to tag someone in an Instagram comment

On the other hand, if you want to mention someone in a comment on this platform, you will have to follow other steps. But don’t worry; they are also simple, fast, and easy to follow.

Learn how to tag someone in an Instagram comment here:

  • Tap the text bubble below any post. This will work for both an account you follow and a public one.
  • Write the comment you want and then prepend the “@” before choosing a username.
  • Choose the person to mention and you are good to go.

How to tag someone in an IG post

When you mention someone in a post, this tag will appear in the “Photos and videos of you” section of the profile. You can choose which photos appear here, so just tagging someone does not guarantee that this material will appear on the other’s profile.

If you already have a post but forgot to tag someone, follow these instructions to edit the content to mention it:

  • Open your IG account and click on the post you want to edit.
  • Click on the 3 points above the image or video and select the edit option.
  • Then, you just have to tag the people you want and update your post.

Now, how do you go about tagging someone on your new Instagram post? Follow these simple


  • Once you have accessed the Instagram application, touch the “more” button to create a new post.
  • Edit the photo using filters if you wish. Once you’re done, hit the next button.
  • Write the desired description, adding hash tags, the location and other elements that you think are necessary. One of those options says “tag people.”
  • To mention someone, you must press the part of the image where you want the label to appear and then select the username that you want to appear in the photo. Click on “Done” and voila! The post is ready to be seen by your audience.

As you can see, tagging other people on Instagram is very simple. Plus, it can boost your strategy and encourage engagement on your account. This will lead you to be more successful on this social network. And if you are looking for other ways to increase your engagement, you can always buy real Instagram comments in InstaBoost.

Social Augment offers you authentic comments, relevant to the content of your posts that come from real accounts (not bots). These texts will help you to encourage participation in your account and, in general, to be more successful with your campaigns on Instagram.

What are you waiting for? Start transforming your IG account today by buying Instagram followers Australia on InstaBoost – you’ll start off on the right foot.

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