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How to solve pigeon problems under Solar panels?

How to solve pigeon problems under Solar panels?

Pigeons like congregating with their flock under the shady solar panels. The pigeons are also protected from natural disasters and predators by the shade. While pigeon infestation under solar panels may begin with one or two, the number quickly grows, resulting in pigeons destroying the solar panels’ photovoltaic system. To avoid this and to take extra precautions against pigeons and safeguard the solar panel, Pigeono – one of the expert bird control netting suppliers in India has put together a list of advice.

Bird Prevention Spikes:

Bird spikes can be installed beneath the solar panel’s surface. Spikes irritate the bird, preventing it from settling, and it flies away. Please keep in mind that bird spikes will never damage a bird. Bird spikes for pigeons are available in a variety of materials, including steel and plastic. Bird prevention strips come in a variety of sizes at Pigeono.

Plastic Dummy Birds:

Pigeons are scared off by plastic dummy life-like bird structures placed nearby. This is a low-cost option for keeping pigeons away from solar panels. The long-term efficacy of this pigeon control approach, however, is unknown.

Bird Prevention Netting:

Simply erecting a net around the bird infestation region has a significant impact. Pigeono, which provides bird control service to both residential and commercial buildings, has compiled a list of remedies and solutions to the problem of pigeon or bird infestation in your property.

PVC Strip Curtain:

PVC Strip Curtains installed around the contaminated area also work. PVC Strip Curtains with a thickness of up to 3mm are bird prevention products. The solar panel region’s temperature and humidity can also be controlled with the help of a PVC strip curtain. PVC strip curtain is a top choice when it comes to choosing the best bird avoidance strategy because it is easy to maintain.

Pigeono Group Company is an award-winning ISO certified pigeon control service provider dedicated to preventing bird problems on your property by offering top quality bird spikes in India. Pigeono is committed to introducing revolutionary new pigeon management methods that do not injure the birds while providing genuine answers. Patrons of Pigeono in Vadodara can select between their Pigeon Control Service and Pigeon Control System. Pigeono provides anti-pigeon services in both residential and commercial premises.

Pigeono’s spike guard is a popular pigeon prevention tool. Pigeono also has bird netting and PVC strips for sale. The products of Al Pigeono have been tried and tested. Pigeono distinguishes itself from its competition by providing affordable pigeon control solutions in a short period of time. Pigeono never harms, kills, or injures any living organism with their services of Best Bird Repellent Devices online in India.

Pigeono is a brand that is specialised in resolving pest bird difficulties. Our company has been in operation since 1996, and we have twenty-two satellite offices in India, as well as over 100,000 satisfied customers. We have a strong presence in both the industrial and residential sectors, and we have served over 250 reputable firms.

Visit the official website of Pigeono – the best Spikes for Bird Control in Gujarat, India to learn more about anti-pigeon or bird repellent services.

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