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How to Pick a Painting Contractor In Houston?

When it comes to painting contractors and services in Houston, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, painting contractors houston are easily affordable, as the rates vary between 1.20-2.80 dollars per square foot. The average cost of painting interiors is $1200 in Houston. 

The size of the painting company, its experience, and its services are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding. With so many painters available, it can be challenging to know who to trust. Here are a few things to consider: 

Exterior Painting Services

Whether you need a layer of paint for your home’s exterior or are in the market for a new color theme, the external painting services are designed to be efficient and produce long-lasting results. These contractors work with you to choose the right colors and finishes that will compliment your home’s style and taste.

The team of professional painters has the experience and skills necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These painters understand that your time is valuable, so they work hard to minimize disruptions and complete the project on time.

In addition to being efficient, the painting contractors Houston are also affordable. The cost of painting a room in Houston can be anywhere from 700-1700 dollars, depending on the size of your room. The price can go as low as $120 and as high as $3000. They offer competitive rates without lowering the quality or service.  To get started, contact a trusted painting contractor for a free estimate. 

How The Painters Prepare Your House For Exterior House Painting

Right Time

Summer is the right time to get your house painted. It is easier for paint to dry and adhere to your home’s surface when the temperature is warm. The best time to paint the outside of your house is when the weather is mild and dry. The painting service providers don’t want to paint your home in direct sunlight, so early morning or late afternoon is ideal. They will suggest the best timing for optimum results and make sure the surface they are painting is clean and free of any dirt or debris. They can also use a home washer as it can come in handy for this step.


The painting service providers start by sanding your home’s exterior. This treatment will help the paint adhere to the surface and create a more polished look. They should select the correct category of color for your home’s material. Whether your home is made of wood, brick, or siding, you’ll want to use a different kind of paint for each surface.

Clean And Repair The Walls

They will start by giving your walls a good cleaning. This cleaning will aid the paint to adhere better and make the finished product look more excellent. A pressure home washer can be a great tool. Once the walls are clean, the service providers will repair any damage that may have been caused by weather or other factors. This repair includes filling any cracks or holes and sanding down rough spots.

Apply Primer

Once the surface is clean, the painters will need to apply primer. Primer provides a flat base for paint to set and helps protect the surface from weathering. The team of professional painters will apply primer to the walls to prep them for the first coat of paint. After the primer is done, they can paint. They will begin by working with a small section and work around the house until they’re finished.

Final Word

Houston’s painting contractors and service providers are a dime a dozen. However, finding a quality contractor licensed and insured is highly essential. Be sure to do ample research when selecting a painting contractor. Get at least some bids and check references. Make sure the contractor you choose has a good understanding of your vision for the project. With a bit of work, you can find a qualified painting contractor in Houston who will provide you with the desired results.

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