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How to increase corporate hotel bookings?

As a hotelier, you’re well aware that corporate RFP bids, especially those that are requested, are a goldmine. Other hotel amenities, such as restaurants, are more likely to be used by corporate guests, resulting in higher extra spending per room.

To win additional market share, hotel programme properties must continue to connect with staff in charge of online bookings on a local level.

“How to increase corporate hotel bookings?”

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Does it appear to be difficult? It isn’t necessary. Here are our three recommendations for establishing the necessary partnerships in order to increase corporate hotel bookings.

●    Know your customers:

One of the most important items on your list, and we cannot emphasise this enough, is to get to know your present consumers. Do you fully comprehend their lodging requirements? How strictly do you adhere to the RFP program’s requirements? Business travellers are frequently pressed for time and seek a hotel that is both handy and efficient, as well as providing ample workspace. Furthermore, because 80 per cent of business travellers get less than eight hours of sleep, they value undisturbed time.

Keep a close eye on guest comments to see how effectively you’re meeting their demands and where you can make improvements. As a “thank you” for sending business guests your way, we also advocate offering special specials during slower times. The key to acquiring more corporate hotel bookings from current customers is to keep them as happy as possible.

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●    Understand the local market and demands for business requirements:

Each corporate organisation will have its own unique requirements, which will be detailed in the programme criteria. This can include advantages like being close to specified areas (like trade shows), having meeting facilities, or having a fast WiFi connection throughout the hotel. Make sure you understand their requirements and don’t assume that corporate travel managers are familiar with your hotel. Inviting potential guests into the hotel to see what you have to offer is always a good idea.

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●    Maintaining a positive relationship with the client is the key:

Building excellent relationships with key clients is another method to ensure you receive repeat corporate hotel bookings. Meet with clients that stay with you on busy nights on a regular basis to ensure you understand their needs for lodging and meetings. This is critical since it will aid in the development of relationships with other key bookers who may not be aware of your good service.

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