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How to Find Your Shingle Remover

While we typically think of roofing as the process of installing things like shingles, we should also remember that it involves the removal of such materials as well. It is just as important to have supplies for installing shingles as it is for removing them. In fact, the installation process typically begins with shingle removal. Before you can lay down a single panel of slate shingles, you have to clear out the rooftop and remove all of the materials that are up there. You need a clean slate before you can start on the fresh roofing materials. Since shingle removal is such an integral part of roofing, it is critical that anyone in the industry would have their own preferred shingle remover to help them across their projects. This applies to anyone performing roofing too, regardless of your level of experience. In order to properly install new shingles from beginning to end, you need a dependable shingle remover that you feel comfortable with using.

The trick, however, comes in finding your prefered shingle removing tool. You want something that will be able to efficiently and effectively remove shingles, preferably without damaging the tiles too much because it will create an even bigger mess that you then have to clean up after. Older tiles that need to be removed are usually cracked and crumbling, making them harder to work with already. They are more prone to falling apart, which means you want tools that can help you get the job done as quickly and cleanly as possible, so that you can move on to the rest of your project. As you shop for a new shingle remover, you will want to know what your options are and what each of them have to offer.

Fork Style
The first style of shingle remover we should mention is the fork style. It resembles a pitchfork and is used to dig up tiles while also removing nails in the process. As you work your way through the roof, you can scoop up and remove nails so that you do not have to go back for another pass. A drawback with these is that they leave quite the mess behind, which you then have to clean up at the end.

This style is similar to the pitchfork style, but has a rounded end instead of the individual tongs. That trait makes it less capable of scooping up nails as you go, meaning you have to do a pass over the roof at the end to dig up the nails one by one. It does allow you to scoop up the tiles quickly, but at the cost of neatness, much like the fork style.

The shingle or slate ripper style is perfect for those who want precise, clean work that stays organized the entire way through. These are inserted under the tiles individually and pop them out along with the nail in as clean a state as possible. It may take more time than the others, but it is by far the most organized and allows you to work steadily, getting everything done in one thorough pass.

With this quick breakdown of your options for shingle removers, you should be able to identify the type that will work best for your work style. Look for tools that are high-quality and well-made so you can have a that you rely on for all of your projects over the course of years. You would not want your shingle remover to break on you while you are halfway through the removal process. You should look at the tools available on stortz.com. They are premium, professional hand tools that will certainly be able to get the job done and hold up after constant use. Check them out and get ready for your next roofing project.

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