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How To Design Rustic Style Kitchen

rustic style kitchen

Everyone prefers to have a home designed in the own unique style which show character of house owner.
Whether your home is a big residence, house in the city or suburbs, or small apartment, but always you can make it to be unique designed.
Before you will start to realize renovation and re-design the house, you should firstly answer yourself where will the heart of your home, mostly it is kitchen or living room.
At many home, the kitchen is a very important place for family. People pay big attention to the kitchen design.
Every family spend a lot of time in the kitchen where preparing meals, cooking, eating and talk. That’s why make your kitchen to be a special place, just the way you like it.
Before you will decide about new look for the kitchen, I’d like to show you that last year’s again popular is the rustic style of kitchen.
What mean rustic style? How look the kitchen arranged in rustic style I’ll try to make you closer in the text below.

Kitchen in the Rustic Style

Every generation has a period of time, that rustic style for home design is again popular.
Nowadays, the rustic style is fashionable. If you are preparing to kitchen remodelling, worth is to know deeper this style and perhaps implement at own home.
The main idea of rustic style in the kitchen is to make the kitchen to look old-fashioned, homey, and simple but comfortable.
Kitchen projected in rustic style is complete opposite of contemporary designed kitchen.
Rustic style is casual, natural and aged and the main key to a rustic kitchen is simplicity, and using of natural materials like wood and stone.
Rustic style kitchen no need anything special because simplicity is unique but is good to add the own accent in the project, for example you can add a motive of your favourite decoration. Unique own accent can be a ceramic or copper tile on the wall.

Elements of Rustic Style Kitchen

The kitchen projected in rustic style is based on natural materials like wood and stone. Most of the kitchen equipment, like cabinets, shelves, countertops, breakfast bar, and flooring should be made out of wood.
It is fashionable to expose some beams, if possible because they will show the charm of wood.
Rustic style of cabinets and shelves are often built from reclaimed wood from old buildings.
Popular wood to make cabinets is cedar and pine because they have unique knots and grains.

Another popular material to use in the rustic kitchen is natural stone incorporated into walls as unique decoration. Sometime, if you big own house, there can use stone as material to make a floor in the kitchen.’
If you are an owner of big kitchen in private house, there you can decide to install a special stone oven. This oven can be a useful unique decoration.

Which Colours To Use in Rustic Kitchen

The colours that you may find in any rustic style kitchen are light earth tones, and tones of brown colour.
Another popular colours for rustic style are blues, greens, gold, and grey colours.


A favoured element of rustic kitchens are open shelves. Open shelves give easy access to kitchen appliance and anything what you keep there.
This kind of shelves is useful for efficient cooking, an open shelf makes cooking a lot faster.
The style with open shelving works the best in smaller kitchens.

Modernity Into Rustic Style Kitchen

If you love modernity, then you can mix rustic style with modern in the kitchen, and you will get a great effect. For example, you can choose some point in modern designed kitchen, and you will give to that point a special rustic accent.
Good place to choose as rustic style point in the kitchen is backsplash, which is not only decoration but it also a very useful element which protects the wall from splashes, and stains from cooking.
To use handmade copper or stainless steel tiles for backsplash will make your kitchen unique. Amazing are handmade copper wall tiles with Celtic symbols, which I’d like to recommend for everyone.
Copper tiles and stainless steel tiles are appreciated by the fact that they are resistant to heat and corrosion and can bring a bright to the whole place around it.

Concluding, a rustic style designed kitchens are cosy and have warm feeling and no need to look old-fashioned.
There is nothing better than a beautifully designed comfortable, functional rustic style kitchen. Of course, with a piece of art on the wall.

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